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Pension scheme a ploy to plunder public money: BNP

BNP on Saturday expressed doubt that the government has taken a move to introduce the universal pension scheme for all citizens as part of its new ploy to plunder public money.

Speaking at a rally, party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir also alleged that the government has haired lobbyists with taxpayers’ money to legalise its repressive acts, including enforced disappearance.

As part of BNP’s 11-day countrywide programme, its Dhaka north and south city units arranged the rally in front of the Jatiya Press Club protesting the growing price hike of daily essentials and utility services.

“I’ve seen a media report about whether the government will introduce a universal general pension. They’re not saying anything clearly about it. But can realise that they are going to resort to another trick to loot public money,” Fakhrul said.

He said the government will take Tk 1,000 from each person per month for up to 60 years. “If any one dies before the age of 60, their money won’t be given back…that means they’re taking the step as to how people’s money can be looted and their pockets can be cut.”

The BNP leader said the government is unable to take any step to resolve people’s problems. “Rather, they’re putting people in danger. People have started now considering this regime as their enemies.”

Why lobbyists?

Fakhrul said though the government was talking tall about the US sanctions on Rab and the force’s some former and current officials, it has now appointed lobbyists to lift the bans by spending $20,000 every month.

“Why have you now engaged the lobbyists? The only reason is to legalise and hush up the repressions like killing and enforced disappearance, on people by spending their tax money on lobbyists,” he said.

The BNP leader said the government will not be able to hide its misdeeds as those are getting exposed one by one. “You’ve no way to suppress (your misdeeds) no matter what step you take or appoint lobbyists.”

Stating that a poster carrying a sobbing photo of a minor daughter of enforced disappearance victim Mahfuzur Rahman Sohel pasted on different walls around the capital, Fakhrul said it has created a commotion all over the world.

“This government has looted all of our good things and achievements. The people of this country will never forgive this government. We would like to tell Awami League it won’t be able to subdue people by resorting to enforced disappearance, killing and repressive acts,” he observed.

He urged people, including the youth, to wake up and become involved with their party’s movement for protecting the country from the misrule of the Awami League. “We call upon all democracy-loving and patriotic political parties to initiate a struggle against the horrible fascist regime. Our victory is there for sure.”

Fakhrul asked the government to quit and arrange a credible election under a non-party neutral administration before time runs out fast.


He said the prices of all commodities and services that are needed for people’s survival have gone beyond the buying capacity. “We all need rice, pulses, oil and salt. The lines of people near the TCB’s trucks are getting longer every day. Even people belonging to the middle class are standing in the lines to buy goods from TCB’s trucks.”

The BNP leader said the prices of electricity, gas and water have been rising every year for several times only because of corruption and looting by the government and its administrations. “Corruption has become pervasive everywhere in the country.”

Awami League has now become a party of looters. “They want to hang onto power by looting public money. There’s no place where there is no corruption and plundering during the rule of this regime.”

Referring to a leaked telephonic conversation between Law Minister Anisul Huq and Prime Minister’s Adviser Salman F Rahman, he said they talked about a project of Prime Minister’s son and IT adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy.

He said though their party has long been seeking a clear explanation on the matter, the government still did not pay heed to it. “People want to know why Joy’s name was used for passing the project.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh