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Passenger vessels suspended: 4,000 tourists stranded at St. Martin’s island

Due to the hostile weather, authorities suspended all passenger vessels on St. Martin’s route Monday.

About 4,000 tourists have been stranded on St. Martin’s island.

On Sunday night, the Cox’s Bazar district administration declared that all types of shipping to St. Martin would remain suspended for a day.

Additional District Magistrate Abu Sufian said, due to the hostile weather, the local administration suspended the movement of all types of vessels for a day by hoisting cautionary signal 3 at Cox’s Bazar seaport.

“It was learned that the stranded tourists have been given a 50% discount on room rents,” Sufian said.

He also said once the weather situation improves, the shipping will resume.

Mujibur Rahman, chairman of St. Martin’s Union Parishad, said that about 4,000 tourists were stranded due to the sudden closure of vessels’ movement.

However, some tourists are likely to leave the island on their own initiative.

Source: United News of Bnagladesh