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Pandemic pushes poorest kids into child labour

The Covid-induced disruption to schools — considered agents of change in Bangladesh — and a sharp rise in poverty have literally deferred the dreams of millions of children in this country.

Many of these school dropouts have been pushed into child labour in order to support their families, notwithstanding the fact that the practice is illegal in Bangladesh.

A reality check by UNB in the Demra Staff Quarters area of Dhaka revealed the plight of these children, aged between 7 and 11 years. We spotted kids working as vehicle helpers for as low as Tk100-150 daily.

According to a recent report by ILO and UNICEF, Covid-19 has pushed millions of children into child labour in Bangladesh.

As per another report by child rights organisation Educo Bangladesh, 72.33% of the working children claimed that they must work to meet the demands of their families that could not afford their education costs.

On Child Labour Day, Educo warned that more Bangladeshi children could be forced into exploitation in the post-pandemic situation.

Source: United News of Bangladesh