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Now people have ‘no interest’ in elections: GM Quader

Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader on Wednesday said now people have become reluctant about elections as many opposition candidates have to quit polls race due to the influence of money and muscle power.

“An anti-election attitude has developed among people as they’ve lost interest in the country’s election system,” he said.

GM Quader made the remarks while exchanging views at Jatiya Party chairman’s Banani office with the party’s potential candidates of Manikganj to contest the upcoming Union Parishad polls.

The Jatiya Party chairman said the opposition candidates now hardly can ‘stand in the election field’ under the pressure of ruling party-backed ones. ”Many candidates are being forced to stay away from the election being unnerved amid the influence of money and muscle power.”

GM Quader, also the deputy opposition leader in parliament, said those who will get nominations from Jatiya Party must stay in the election race till the end. “Those who cannot sustain in the election field after getting nominations, their place will not be there in Jatiya Party.”

He asked the Jatiya Party leaders and activists to play a proactive role in ensuring people’s voting right in the polls. “People like those who can fight till the end.”

The Jatiya Party chief also warned the party candidates that people hate those who quit the election race.

He observed that Awami League almost remains missing in politics as it has been in power for a long time.

GM Quader also said the ruling party has been facing various problems due to intra-party conflicts while BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia cannot say anything after getting out of jail on bond. “In such a reality, Jatiya Party is in the field of politics with a bright future.”

He said the future of the Awami League had become uncertain when it remained out of power for 21 years while BNP has now become demoralised as it has been out of power for more than a decade. “But Jatiya Party has been fighting in the field of politics remaining out of the state power for 31 long years as it does politics with the trust and love of people.”

The Jatiya Party chief claimed that people were happy during the rule of their party as it could ensure their rights and the security of their lives and property.

“The rule of law prevailed in the country during the rule of Jatiya Party. So, people want to see it in power in the days to come,” he viewed.

Source: United News of Bangladesh