No business over Covid vaccine: GM Quader

Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader on Saturday urged the government to inform people about the steps it has taken to ensure coronavirus vaccine for them.

Inaugurating the general meeting of Jatiya Chhatra Samaj at his Banani office, he also called upon the government to take necessary steps so that no quarter can do business over the corona vaccine.

“The government has booked three crore doses of vaccine to prevent the corona pandemic. It’s not clear whether three crore or one and a half crores people will be given these doses as each person needs two doses,” GM Quader said.

He said, “The country’s people want to know what steps have been taken to ensure the vaccine for the remaining 14 to 15 crore people. The vaccines should be given free of cost to save lives as 90% of people in the country can’t afford to buy it.”

Stating that the corona vaccine will have to be stored at a certain temperature, the Jatiya Party chief said the government should also clearly inform people about the steps it has taken to preserve and transport the vaccine.

He said the ministries concerned used to talk about their all-out preparations during every disaster, but the reality does not match with their words.

“So, it’s now important to prepare a list of those who will receive the vaccine on a priority basis by ensuring the appropriate measures for the transportation, storage and management of the corona vaccine,” GM Quader said.

He also urged the government to remain vigilant so that no quarter can import fake corona vaccines and make money cheating people.

GM Quader, also the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in parliament, said though his brother HM Ershad was a successful president of the country, he was branded as an autocratic ruler through a conspiracy and forced him to hand over power in 1990.

After the handover of power by Ershad, he said the country has become a champion in corruption five times during the rule of BNP and Awami League. “But the country never became a champion in corruption during the rule of Pallibandhu Hussain Muhammad Ershad.”

He alleged that BNP introduced the culture of extrajudicial killings in the country by forming joint forces and Rab and that continuity is still going on. “But during the rule of Jatiya Party, there’s no incident of extrajudicial killing.”

GM Quader said it is the Jatiya Party which only can ensure good governance and the rule of law in the country.

Source: United News of Bangladesh