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Nirab-Sporshia to pair up in upcoming science fiction film ‘Jolkiron’

The new year for Bangladeshi films began with news of new cinemas and pairs as viewers will get to see actor Nirab Hossain and Orchita Sporshia pairing up for their upcoming science fiction film ‘Jolkiron’.

On Sunday the first look of the film was unveiled at a Moghbazar restaurant in presence of its main cast Nirab, Sporshia, film’s director HR Habib, Syed Hasan Imam, Arman Parvez Murad, Rashed Mamun Opu, Sohanur Rahman Sohan and others.

Apart from directing HR Habib has written the story, script and screenplay of Jolkiron.

Habib said, “The film is from the science fiction genre but it won’t follow the conventional trend as it will be made in situational comedy style so that audiences of all ages can enjoy it.”

Nirab said, “The country’s film is moving with new enthusiasm with many unique stories portrayed on the big screen. Jolkiron will represent the present time on screen.” The actor said he is eagerly looking forward to beginning the shooting.

Sporshia said, “As I always like to work in something different this film’s story was exactly what I wanted. It will be an extra pleasure for me to work with the co-actors I love working with.”

The cast of the science fiction film Jolkiron includes Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed, HR Habib, Pranab Das, Angelina Lopez, and Grezila Rashid.

Director Habib said the shooting for the film is set to begin soon.

Source: United News of Bangladesh