Nikli Haor, Mithamoin-Astagram Road Trip: On the Way to Kishoreganj

Over the last few years, Nikli Haor in Kishoreganj has become a popular tourist attraction. What makes the Nikli Haor trip more interesting is the 47 km long Mithamoin-Ashtogram Road built-in 2019. It is also called ‘All-Weather Road’. Filled with water in every monsoon, Nikli Haor shows its real beauty. To enjoy the enthralling beauty of Nikli Haor, you have to plan your trip between July and September. Let’s learn more about Nikli Haor and Mithamoin-Ashtogram Road.

The natural beauty of Nikli Haor, Mithamoin-Astagram road

The large freshwater wetland breadth through Nikli, Mithamin, Astagram, and Itna Upazilas is a great place for long trips by boat. Small villages floating like islands on the water, fishermen busy with fishing in clear water, small swamps like Ratargul. You will find all of these in the Nikli Haor, which is 110 km away from Dhaka city.

While floating over the Haor, Chhatirchor village will fill your eyes with the fascination of a magical water forest. When there is less water, you will see half floating Monpura Char. You can walk around there for a while. However, if the Haor is filled to the brim with water, the char will not be visible. Finally, the reflection of the rays of the setting sun over the Haor water will create an unforgettable memory in your mind.

The beauty of Haor at night is mesmerizing. The quiet environment of the Haor will engross you in a magical feeling of silence. Sometimes songs of boatmen come from distant boats, which makes the ambient more dramatic. The reflection of the moon over the small waves of Haor water will captivate anyone’s heart. It seems that the moon has started floating on the water along with the boat.

Even during the winter or dry season, you can enjoy the beauty of Nikli Haor from a different perspective by virtue of the newly constructed elevated paved All-weather Mithamoin-Astogram Road. The water of Nikli Haor recedes at the beginning of the dry season. In the next few months, the place becomes a green state of paddy. And, when the paddy ripens, this zone turns into a golden carpet.

Thousands of tourists flock to Mithamoin-Ashtogram Road all year round to enjoy the eye-catching beauty of Nikli Haor where it is filled with water or paddy fields. Not to mention, the Mithamoin-Astogram road has added new dimensions to the beauty of the whole Haor.

Dhaka to Nikli Haor and Mithamoin-Ashtogram Road

Train fare from Dhaka to Kishoreganj is BDT 125 to 250 depending on the class. It would be best to get off at Gochihata station before Kishoreganj Sadar. You can reach Gachihata station in 4 hours by train from Kamalapur. You can easily go to Nikli Bazar, 15 km away from the station by easy bike or CNG. It will take about 1 hour to reach Nikli through Easy bike. The cost will be around BDT 35 per head or BDT 250 to 300 if you reserve it. If you reserve CNG, the cost will be BDT 300 to 320 and it will take about 40 minutes.

If you choose the bus route, take a bus from Golapbagh in Dhaka Sayedabad. Bus fare is around BDT 190 to 220 per person. In fact, it would be wise to get off the bus at the Kotiadi bus stand before Kishoreganj. It will take around 3 to 3.5 hours to reach Katiadi from Dhaka. From there you have to reserve CNG for BDT 350 to 40. And it will take about 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the end of the Nikli embankment. Here you will find rental boats. The big boats will charge BDT 700 to 800 per hour and the small ones will cost BDT 400 to 500 per hour.

You can reach Mithamoin-Ashtogram Road in 1.5 hours by reserving a boat from Beribadh. At the end of the tour, you can go to Bajitpur by CNG from there and catch the train to Dhaka. Moreover, you can extend your journey to Kuliyarchar to catch a Dhaka-bound bus.

Accommodation for overnight stay

Unfortunately, there is no residential hotel to stay in Nikli. There is an arrangement to stay in the newly launched chairman guest house or the Upazila post bungalow at a low cost. In this case, you better contact the bungalow authority in advance. There are some good-quality private hotels in the Kishoreganj district.

You can also spend the night in boat or camp. But choose a good place to camp keeping the issue of safety in mind. Get help from local people if needed. You must be cautious in the middle of the Haor at night.

Local Meals

There are a few quality hotels in Nikli Bazar before Beribadh. Here you can eat fresh fish from the Haor for BDT 100 to 200. Don’t forget to taste the freshly caught fish from the haor. You can taste Astogram cheese while traveling on Mithamoin-Astagram Road. The best quality cheese of Bangladesh is available here. But you need to inform the local cheese sellers about the amount you want to buy at least a day or two in advance. Moreover, in winter, 10 inches long Murali is very popular there.

Some more sights in the vicinity

You can easily visit Gurai Shahi Jame Mosque by rickshaw or motorbike. Pahar Khan Mazar can be reached from Nikli Upazila by trawler and motorbike. There is a very old arena in the Gurai union of Nikli Upazila. You can go there by rickshaw, motorcycle, CNG in the dry season. But during the rainy season, you have to take a boat or trawler.

There are also several other places of interest in the city including Balikhola in Karimganj, Narsunda Lake, the temple of Chandrabati, the first female poet of Bengal, and the manor house of Manab Babu.

Since Kishoreganj is a Haor rich district, if you take a little more time, you can visit Mithamoin, Astagram, and Itna Haors.

Necessary precautions during the trip

While camping, try to stay close to Nikli Bazar. If the group is large enough with 15 people or more, you may have to report to the OC at the local police station.

Before getting into vehicles like easy-bikes, CNG, boats, trawlers; don’t forget to bargain the price in advance. Refrain from misbehaving with local drivers.

If you wish to spend the night on the boat, Try to stay as close to the shore as possible. It is better to have someone local.

Pilling up

The Nikli Haor and Astagram-Mithamin Road can be a great place for planning a day tour. But you should be careful about visiting Haor during the night. It will be best if you go there with a large group. Finally, you should refrain from destroying the environment by dumping garbage in the haor water while traveling by boat.

Source: United News of Bangladesh