New mobile app, Sadai, launched to facilitate online marketing of agro products

Agriculture Minister Dr Muhammad Abdur Razzaque on Wednesday launched a mobile app called “Sadai” for online sale of agricultural goods saying that the country faces a big challenge in marketing the products despite a success in production.

“The production of all agricultural commodities, including rice, wheat, maize, vegetables and fruits has multiplied in the country. An outstanding success has been achieved in the production. But now the biggest challenge is the marketing of these agricultural products,” he said.

The minister made this remarks at his ministry’s conference room after launching a mobile app titled “Sodai” for online selling agricultural products.

The Mobile application is being implemented by the department of agriculture marketing (DAM) with the assistance of the ministry of agriculture.

Dr Razzaque said, “In many cases, farmers cannot market their products and don’t get the proper prices.” Alongside ensuring the fair prices for the farmers, it is also essential to assure the consumers of giving safe and adulteration-free products at the proper prices, he added.

He hoped that this mobile app “Sodai” would work to this end reducing the high-handedness of middlemen.

Agriculture Senior Secretary Mesbahul Islam presided over the function, while DAM Director General Mohammed Yousuf and additional secretary at the ministry Hasanuzzaman Kallol spoke on the occasion.

Source: United News of Bangladesh