Nationalise entire education system: GM Quader

Deputy Leader of the Opposition in Parliament GM Quader on Thursday urged Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to take steps for nationalising the entire education system, including the secondary and higher secondary ones, on the birth centenary of Bangabandhu.

In his winding-up speech in the 10th special session of the House, he also called upon the Prime Minister to ensure proper treatment in all government hospitals, especially in rural areas, as both the corona infections and deaths have started surging again.

“It’s a great achievement of the country that we nationalised primary education. We’ve also nationalised some parts of the secondary, higher secondary and higher education levels and brought some other parts under the MPO enlistment facilities,” said GM Quader, also the chairman of Jatiya Party.

He said the government bears the expenses on almost cent percent salaries and other benefits of such educational institutions.

“Even, the government is making classrooms, setting up laboratories and providing other facilities. So, what’s the justification of keeping those institutions under the private sector and out of the government’s monitoring when it’s bearing all the expenditures? GM Quader observed.

If the government can nationalise at least the secondary and higher secondary levels, he said, it will be able to make a direct contribution towards developing the education quality and it will be very effective.

“So, I think, it’s a high time for taking steps to nationalise the entire education system. On the birth centenary of Bangabandhu, I call upon the government to take necessary steps in this regard. I think it’s possible to do and this matter can be considered,” the Jatiya Party chief added.

He also urged the government to nationalise the Ebtedayee madrasas, the primary-level educational institutions under madrasah education board, as the madrasah education has been unified with the mainstream education. “At least these institutions should be brought under the MPO enlistment facilities.”

GM Quader also questioned the justification of the government’s decision of keeping the educational institutions shut when all other offices, courts, factories and establishments have already been reopened.

He also opposed the government’s decision of not taking the examinations and giving the students auto-promotion. “Giving auto-pass suspending examinations is an injustice to meritorious students. “Classes should be resumed for those who want to join and those who want to take the test should be given the opportunity to do that.”

He said the government should take steps to waive the tuition fees of educational institutions as those remained closed.

The Jatiya Party chief said coronavirus is spreading fast again in different countries with the arrival of winter. “The rates of infections and deaths have also marked a rise in our country as well.”

He said though the government is saying it is ready to tackle the winter wave, most of the corona patients are still receiving treatment either at their homes or private hospitals.

“Apparently, there’s no treatment at the government hospitals, especially in rural ones,” he alleged.

GM Quader warned that the fatality rate may go up during the winter if the government hospitals are not properly equipped to provide treatment to the corona patients during the winter.

He also voiced concern over the growing price hike of daily essentials which is inflicting sufferings on the common people who have already been hit hard by the corona fallouts.

The Jatiya Party chief also said there is no reason for the crisis of potato in the market when the country has its huge surplus production.

He alleged some traders have created an artificial crisis of potato in the market to make quick bucks.

Source: United News of Bangladesh