Narcotics Control (Amendment) Bill placed in JS dropping provision of setting up tribunals

The ‘Narcotics Control (Amendment) Bill, 2020’ was placed in Parliament on Sunday dropping the provision of setting up separate Narcotics Control Tribunals to pave the way for competent courts to try narcotic-related crimes.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan placed the Bill and it was sent to the respective scrutiny committee for further examination.

The Committee was asked to submit its report within the next 7 days.

The bill was brought to have a provision of holding trial of narcotic-related cases in the courts having the jurisdiction for quick disposal of such cases and easing the backlog of huge drug-related cases.

It was supposed to form necessary number of Narcotics Control Tribunals in line with article 44 of the existing Narcotics Control Act 2018.

But the Law and Justice Division could not set up any Narcotics Control Tribunal yet or entrust the tribunal’s responsibility with any additional district judge or sessions judge for administrative reasons.

So, complexities have been created in disposal of cases filed under the Narcotics Control Act 2018 since it has become effective, and the number of pending cases filed under this Act keeps growing day by day.

As per article 44 of the Bill, the courts, having jurisdiction, can try the narcotic-related cases as per the gravity of crimes as well as a sessions judge concerned or a metropolitan sessions judge concerned can fix one or more than one courts that have the jurisdiction to try narcotic-related crimes in their respective areas.

In the bill, changes have been brought in 22 articles of the exiting act.

Source: United News of Bangladesh