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Munshigiri: Another Epic Creation of Amitabh Reza Featuring Chanchal Chowdhury

Actor Chanchal Chowdhury and filmmaker Amitabh Reza Chowdhury worked together again after Aynabaji in 2016. This time they came up with a web movie titled Munshigiri. In fact, this is the first web film of Amitabh Reza. Munshigiri was released on September 30, 2021, on the new OTT platform Chorki. The trailer of the movie released two days ago has received a lot of response on social media. Let’s get to know some information about this Chorki original film.

The major characters in Munshigiri

In this web movie, the veteran actor Chanchal Chowdhury plays the role of a detective police officer named Masud Munshi. The actor, who is successful in both TV dramas and films, has won the hearts of millions of people for his versatile acting. Who can deny Chanchal’s incredible performance in the roles of ‘Shonai’ in Monpura film and ‘Ayna’ in Ainabaji film? In the film Debi, Chanchal Chowdhury enlightens Humayun Ahmed’s everlasting character Misir Ali.

In Munshigiri film, Chanchal’s co-stars include filmstar Purnima and Shabnam Fariha. Purnima is one of the prominent film actresses in Bangladesh. Her majestic beauty and superb acting keep the audience enthralled on the silver screen. Shabnam Fariha is another talented actress. Though she mainly acts on TV dramas and web series on the OTT platforms, her brilliant presence in the Debi film was also noticeable. She is renowned for the Nilu role from the ‘Debi’ movie.

Director Amitabh’s plan on Munshigiri

On January 14, 2021, Chanchal Chowdhury and Purnima signed the contract with Munshigiri web movie’s director Amitabh Reza Chowdhury.

Amitabh is actually planning to turn this film into a web movie series. He is thinking of making the second movie of the series. Amitabh’s team is working to create the Munshigiri franchise-like world-class films.

Leading filmmaker Redwan Roni, who heads the new video streaming platform Chorki, is also optimistic about the Munshigiri project.

Amitabh Reza’s sister Mahjabin Reza produced Munshigiri. This web film is released under the banner of Charki and Daraz.

Story of the web film Munshigiri

Nasif Amin has written the story of Munshigiri in the light of the novel ‘Mriterao Kotha Bole’ by Shibobrata Barman.

The story revolves around the revelation of the mystery of the death of a government official. In order to resolve the case, officer Masud Munshi kept trying to get as much information as possible from Suraiya, the wife of the deceased officer.

In addition to the mystery, the film focuses on the personal life of a devoted DB policeman. With his wife Parveen Sultana and their only son, Masud Munshi is determined to maintain a balance between his family and duties. In this way, his team gets involved in the great thrill of hunter and victim.

Novelist Shibobrata himself saw the movie and praised the director, saying, “In Bengali movies, Amitabh has introduced a detective who hangs a mosquito net before going to bed.”

Chorki, Bangladeshi OTT platform

New OTT platform Chorki started its journey on July 12, 2021, with about 200 different content. Subscribers will be able to enjoy one Chorki original movie every month throughout the year. Munshigiri is also included in this list.

Moreover, there are more Chorki original web movies like YouTumer of Adnan Al Rajib, Neel Mukut of Kamar Ahmad Simon, and Network-er Baire of Mizanur Rahman Aryan.

In the future, the audience of Chorki will be able to enjoy Munshigiri’s sequels on their favorite video streaming platform.

Wrap up

Keeping pace with the change of advanced media and the demand of the audience, both the plots and styles of film-making have been going through revolutionary changes. In that respect, innovation is coming in the so-called mainstream of Bangladeshi cinema. It is expected that the latest mystery web movie Munshigiri will play an active role in the new way of entertainment. Hopefully, Bangladeshi people will witness more of this kind soon.

Source: United News of Bangladesh