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Mujib: Bangladesh’s first graphic novel on real life super hero hits book fair

In a world gripped by a growing craze for graphic novels, Bangladesh has presented its own based not on imaginary characters but a real-life hero.

The Mujib Graphic novel, depicting Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s life in ten instalments, is Bangladesh’s answer to the American DC comics and the Japanese Manga.

The country’s millennial can now do without the Demon Slayer or Watch the Titans.

They can enjoy the amazing story of a boy from a rural outback rise like a Titan to slay the demon – the Pakistani military junta, said a press release.

Graphic novel lovers can now get the entire series on Mujib that narrates the life of the nation’s founding Father through colours and words.

All 10 instalments are available in the Ekushey Book Fair at the stall of Center for Research and Information (CRI, stall number 735 and 736)

Based on the unfinished memoirs of Bangabandhu, the series painted his life stories, depicting the journey of an ordinary boy with extraordinary dreams.

Published by Centre for Research & Information (CRI), this initiative is the first of its kind in the country to sketch the life of a political figure in the form of comics.

The graphic novel cohesively knits the many vignettes and anecdotes of his life, instead of cherry-picking the historic and official events. The illustration makes children feel that Mujib was one of them.

Each of the 10 instalments of the book features a handful of interesting events of his life.

The first episode tells the tale of how he as a school kid attempted to jump out of the window of the hospital where he had been admitted for eyesight issues.

It was a dramatic irony in the life of a man acclaimed for his leonine courage and fearless gesture.

Source: United News of Bangladesh