Motorola Moto Tab G70 Review: Best Mid-Range Android Tab in the Market?

Motorola is not new to the tab segment. The company has made a steady space for itself starting with the Moto Tab and Moto Tab G20. However, both these devices were entry-level ones aimed at the budget segment. But the Moto Tab G70 is a game-changer considering there are not many android tabs in the mid-range budget market. The device was initially released on 13th January in China with subsequent dates announced for other regions. So, is the Moto Tab G70 any good? Let’s find out.

Motorola Moto Tab G70 Key Features

Design and Build Quality

There was a time when tabs used to come in one standard size. They were large and chunky. But just like Apple iPads, android tabs have had a revolutionary change over the years. Now tabs come in different sizes, aspect ratios, and computational power. One thing that became standard is that tabs are now thin, like really thin. And that is exactly what Motorola is selling here. A capable tab that is just 7.5 mm thick.

Beyond its ridiculously slim design, the device has a 10.17-inch width with a 6.42-inch width. The slim bezels all around aid in the premium look of the device.

The premium look from the front is carried to the back as well. The back has a dual-tone finish of matte stainless steel and rubber-like material. It not only enhances the look of the device but also ensures that the device is comfortable to hold. Speaking of comfort, the device has quite a heft at 501 gm. However, the even distribution on the large footprint makes it comfortable to hold for a long time.

The volume rocker is situated at the right of the device. The power button rests on the top. There isn’t any fingerprint security here, just the standard face unlocks. This phone is provided with 4 speakers in total. The Dolby Atmos graded stereo speakers make for an impressive listening experience. Overall, the device feels much more premium than its mid-range price tag.


The main attraction for any tablet is the display. And Motorola did a superb job here as well. Tabs do not require high resolution to be a better display as the display areas are usually high. Moving on from its previous iterations, the G70 has 1200 x 2000 pixels FHD+ resolution. The display issues 221 PPI which might not seem like much. But the 11-inch display more than makes up for the pixel density.

The display looks crisp and sharp. It is still an IPS panel clocked at 60 Hz. But considering tabs are purpose-built devices, the 60 Hz shouldn’t be a problem for most. Much of this is aided by the fact that this display has very thin bezels. It looks sleek and modern and allows a large display at a small footprint. The viewing angles are excellent. The device can get to a max brightness of 400 nits. It is perfectly legible in direct sunlight so outdoor usage will not be an issue.

Motorola has made the G70 primarily for daily functionality and media consumption. The large display with a long aspect ratio makes it perfect for YouTube and Netflix anytime at the convenience of a few taps.


The camera is never the main focus of any tablet and this one is no different. There is a single 13 MP 26 mm f/2.2 shooter at the back with a single flashlight. This is just the bare minimum considering tabs are not built for photography in the first place.

However, the camera can still take some decent shots in outdoor and brightly lit conditions. But it’s nothing mentionable under artificial light. This tab is best suited for document scanning and casual captures. As expected, it will not perform in the likes of Apple or Samsung phones.

However, the biggest improvement here is the front camera. Most tabs come with a minimal 5 MP camera. Some even have a VGA camera which is as useless as it gets. But Motorola has included a standard 8 MP 1080P shooter with the G70.

Now, this might not be all that great spec-wise but it gets the job done. It definitely upgrades the video calls and meeting experience to the point that it can be used as a primary office device in these days of social distancing and work from home setup.

Processor and Performance

The G70 comes with a MediaTek MT6785 Helio G90T processor. This mid-range processor is built on the 12 nm architecture. It has an octa-core setup with 2 2.05 GHz Cortex-A76 and 6 2.0 GHz Cortex-A55 chipset. The processor is coupled with the Mali-G76 MC4 GPU.

As a mid-range processor, the device can handle moderate to intensive games quite easily. Graphic intensive titles like PUBG, Asphalt 9, and COD run without any frame drop. Combined with the large display, the device makes for a pretty fun gaming experience. There is not any noticeable heating or rapid battery drain issue as well.

Day-to-day tasks work smoothly as expected. Most of the OEM android tabs come with a heavy skin on top of the Os which often bogs down the performance. However, the G70 uses bare stock android based on Android 11. This keeps the UI/UX experience lighting fast with a pleasing performance.

Overall, this device will be able to handle most of what is thrown at it without a hiccup.

Battery and Charge Time

The Moto Tab G70 features a 7700 mAh battery. Considering the 12 nm processor, a bit larger battery would’ve been the cherry on the cake. But the 7700 mAh can still power the device for a full day of use. There is a 20W included fast charger with the device so charging is a breeze as well.

Price of Moto Tab G70 in Bangladesh

The Motorola Moto Tab G70 has not been officially launched in Bangladesh yet. Judging by the official Indian market price, the device is expected to be priced around 25,000 BDT in Bangladesh.


The Motorola Moto Tab G70 addresses some of the key issues from their previous tabs. It has also emerged as a new contender for the mid-range tabs section. The tab offers some impressive design, display, and performance. However, the battery could have been a bit larger. Overall, this is a nice device for people looking for a day-to-day usable tab at a moderate budget.

Source: United News of Bangladesh