Motorola Moto G51 5G Review: Know the Pros and Cons

Motorola seems to be attempting to expand its influence over the smartphone industry over time. As with the majority of other famous companies, it has targeted the budget-conscious consumer. The company’s latest innovation is the Moto G51 5G. It was released on 16th December, 2021 This time it is a budget-friendly 5G smartphone. This device throws a challenge to the entry-level 5G smartphones launched this year. Let’s have a look at the review of Motorola Moto G51 5G and weigh its advantages and disadvantages.

Key Features of Motorola Moto G51 5G


Both the frame and back sides of the Moto G51 are made of polycarbonate, which makes for an attractive fingerprint reader. The phone retains its 161.875.388.9 mm size. This ultra-lightweight phone fits comfortably in hand, and operation is very effortless. The phone is available in three color options: Indigo Blue, Bright Silver, and Aqua Blue.

Motorola has reintroduced its classic, no-nonsense design to the Moto G51, as it has done with the majority of the company’s affordable handsets too far. At 208 grams, the Moto G51 seems clumsy. If thrown lightly, it has the potential to shatter several skulls.

Therefore, exercise extreme caution. On the back of the smartphone is a capsule-shaped camera module that holds three big camera sensors as well as LED lamps. The smartphone features a similar design as the Moto G31 but with rounded corners.


Motorola G51 5G has a 6.80-inch 120Hz LCD display with a 1080 x 2400p resolution. The device’s back and frames are made of plastic, and there is no information on the kind of glass used on the front side.

Motorola has utilized a high-quality LCD display, which ensures that there will be no lag whether playing games or viewing movies. Additionally, it has broad wine L1 compatibility, which means that you will be able to stream FHD+ material on OTT sites.

The display’s visibility and viewing angles throughout the day are adequate. Additionally, there is no issue with reading. On services such as YouTube and Amazon Prime Video, users may watch videos in Full HD definition. Regrettably, the display is neither waterproof nor splash-proof.

Rear Cameras

The f/1.8 50MP main camera, like the other premium lenses, delivers stunning images in well-lit circumstances, with exceptional contrast, vibrant colors, and lots of detail. By default, this camera uses ‘pixel binning,’ a process in which pixels are blended to create fewer but larger pictures.

The remaining two rear cameras are 8MP and 2MP. Users may convert to a high-resolution mode that employs the whole 50MP sensor – images captured in this mode are super-high-resolution, allowing for additional editing flexibility in the future. Nonetheless, photographs do not capture as much color information per pixel in dimly lit environments. That is why the Motorola Moto G51 has rougher edges as a result of picture noise, despite the fact that pixel binning helps to mitigate this.

The rear cameras are capable of recording movies at a maximum frame rate of 60 frames per second at a resolution of up to 1080p.

Front Camera

The China-exclusive model has a 16MP front camera, while the worldwide model features a 13MP front camera. This lens is definitely worth the investment in terms of quality. The portrait mode’s contrast is stunning. It seems as if the shadows and highlights have been changed to draw the viewer’s attention to the subject.

While the backdrop blur technique does a fantastic job of separating individuals from their surroundings in these images, it sometimes blurs the boundaries of the body as well.

Performance and Software

The Motorola G51 5G is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest SM4350-AC Snapdragon 480 5G 8nm processor. It is an octa-core CPU with a net clock speed of 2 GHz. It is capable of doing a wide variety of activities considerably more quickly and even supports multitasking. The program install time is minimal, and running and switching between apps is simple.

The Motorola G51 5G has an Adreno 619 GPU to provide gaming graphics. It is strong enough to run games with high configurations at their preferred resolution. On the phone, popular high-definition games like PUBG, Call of Duty, and Ghenshin Impact run well.

The phone is supported by Android 11 and comes with the newest updates to make it simpler to use. Various sensors such as fingerprints, gyro, accelerometer, proximity, and compass will be included. In comparison to many other phones, the Motorola G51 5G has an attractive headset. Users will get a Type-C USB port in addition to the charging and audio jack.

Battery and Charging

The Motorola G51 5G is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery that supports rapid charging at a rate of 20W. Interesting fact: the global version of the Moto G51 5G supports just 10W charging. However, the Indian version enables fast charging up to 20W.

The battery will easily last a day, but if the user is a heavy user who spends all day playing games, prepare to charge the Moto G51 5G twice daily. In general, the Moto G51 5G offers an excellent battery life, or should I say all-day battery life.

Price of Moto G51 in Bangladesh

There is no reliable information on the phone’s formal launch in Bangladesh. In India, it has offered just one 8GB 128GB option. This model may be available for about 16,987 Taka in Bangladesh. INR 1 Equals 1.13 BDT in this case.

However, in Bangladesh the price may vary due to diverse issues like Tax, company policy, etc.


Considering all of the Motorola Moto G51 5G’s capabilities, it’s safe to say that the phone is rather powerful in several areas. Simultaneously, the phone has sacrificed several features, like a metal body and a stronger battery charger, in order to save weight. While the lack of dual audio may raise some eyebrows, the inclusion of a 3.5mm port is commendable. However, when contrasted to the unmatched 50MP camera, powerful chipset, and stylish design, the other shortcomings appear inconsequential. The phone is capable of quenching any user’s thirst.

Source: United News of Bangladesh