Minerva rewards nostalgic fans after 6 years with comeback song ‘Doitto’

Minerva, known as one of the top tier heavy metal and groove metal bands in the country, premiered a new song ‘Doitto’ and its music video on its YouTube channel last Friday, that marked a glorious comeback of the band after 6 years and has been admired by its fans on social media since the release.

The band went into a long hiatus after its ground-breaking debut album ‘Biday Shongbidhan’ in 2013, and for the fans who adored Minerva for revolting against the norms and taboo reigning over the society through going an extra mile to abolish the shackles – Minerva believes that ‘Doitto’ is a continuation of the motto.

“Pitted against flawed societal pressure, learning to rise above criticism and facing that inner demon before it consumes our existence – ‘Doitto’ is about finding your voice against hate,” Minerva explained the song via a press release.

Since the release, fans and admirers have shared nostalgic reactions on Facebook, welcoming the band with the comeback song. Ashrafuzzaman Yousufi, the vocal of popular rock band Arbovirus, wrote – “What a comeback!”

Porosh, a longtime fan of the band, wrote, ”After 6 years, they are back. As a fanboy I expected it to be a lot heavier. Massive changes in the sound. The riff was catchy but nothing like the old Minerva. Nevertheless, the band’s back. That’s what matters. Change is good I guess”.

Explaining the long hiatus, the band explained – “Indeed, with 6 long years in between ‘Doitto’ and our penultimate number ‘Ganitik Shomikoron’, the band members have gone through tonality alterations of their own. Regardless, ideologically we are the same Minerva as before and after an unannounced hiatus due to the band members shifting abroad for higher studies, Minerva is finally back with a single that sounds fresher than ever. And this time, we are back for good and won’t disappoint our fans.”

Partnered by BBMFC, Hanger 18 and Back Page PR, the music video for ‘Doitto’ is sponsored by KrayonMag and is created by Rongmistry House.

Fans can watch the music video of ‘Doitto’ on Minerva’s official YouTube channel and the song is available to stream with synced lyrics on GAAN app.

Source: United News of Bangladesh