Medical students block Shahbagh

Several hundred students of medical and dental colleges blocked the key Shahbagh intersection in the capital to force the authorities to accept their demands.

Students under the banner of “General Medical and Dental Students” demonstrated blocking the road around 10am, disrupting vehicular movement.

Their demands include starting online classes, ensuring session jam-free academic year and cutting fees. They argued that online classes would ensure their safety and cut session jam.

They also demanded an alternative to professional examinations during the coronavirus pandemic. Protesters said they are unwilling to sit for professional exams as the coronavirus situation was worsening.

“We want an alternative evaluation to resolve the session jam issue,” one of the demonstrators said.

The student said that after taking 190 item tests, they get a chance to sit the card test. After 16 cards, they get to take the professional exams.

“We want the authorities to evaluate the exams we’ve taken so far this year and promote us and start online classes,” the protester said.

The students also demanded cutting fees which is an extra burden during the coronavirus pandemic.

The protesters said they would continue their protests until their demands are met.

Source: United News of Bangladesh