Mechanical Keyboard Buying Guide with the Price Range in Bangladesh

Using a mechanical keyboard can drastically change a person’s computing experience for the better. The experience can be so much addictive that people often can’t use an ordinary keyboard afterward. With much more controls and customization features, a mechanical keyboard is the token of the latest innovation in the instruction input device genre. However, for their growing popularity, many manufacturers are making them. Are you planning to buy the best mechanical keyboard under budget? Read the articles to know the essential factor to consider for choosing a mechanical keyboard.

What is Mechanical Keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard is a high-quality keyboard that bears spring-featured key switches. All these key switches can differ depending on the application of the keyboard and the choice of a user.

While mechanical key switches were used in some of the earliest commercially marketed keyboards. Like the ones used in 1980’s IBM’s Model M. Such keyboards are made with premium-quality plastic key switches which are places under each keycap.

A key switch has three parts:

Keycap: It’s the top part that we see with a letter or number written on

Stem: It’s the part that moves down when the key is pressed and situated just under the keycap

Housing: It’s the case holding that holds all the parts together

Things to Consider to Buy a Mechanical Keyboard

Finding the best mechanical keyboard to get a better experience requires people to follow a subjective process. Mechanical keyboards are mostly popular among gamers. Because these keyboards are more tactile, robust, and fast. However, they can be great for every computer user if picked wisely.

Here are some aspects to consider while choosing a mechanical keyboard.

Actuation force

The force needed to push a key on a keyboard to press it is referred to as the actuation force. A key’s moving distance determines the distance at which the key is noted by the keyboard. That means, it determines how firmly someone must press the key to make it responded to the keyboard.

The actuation force can vary from 35 g to 350 g. The majority of mechanical keyboards weigh between 45 and 60 g.

Actuation distance

This is the distance that the switch must move in order to register as an input. It is scaled from the top of the keycap. Mechanical keyboards mostly have a rating of 2 mm, but others have ratings as low as around 1 mm.

A shorter actuation distance does not inherently make a keyboard better; for example, the lighter weight may lead the users to commit more keyboard errors.


Tactility relates to the amount of feedback and resistance you feel when typing. It is related to the location of the key while producing a keystroke. The feedback may be auditory, such as a clicking sound, or visible, such as seeing your fingers hit the keys, which bounce back and lift the keycap. Mechanical keyboards are more tactile than electronic keyboards.

Noise level

Noise levels on keyboards are crucial for many situations. It depends on the application a person will use. Like a writer might need a keyboard that produces less sound. Mechanical keyboards normally produce more sound for keystrokes.


Measuring durability considers factors such as the number of keystrokes a specific keyboard can tolerate throughout its lifetime. The average keystrokes per hour are about 8,000 KPH. To get the expected durability this number should be multiplied by the number of hours a user will typically use it over the period of a few weeks or months to show how those numbers grow. Depending on the kind of switch, a mechanical keyboard can last a lifetime of around 20 to 50 million keystrokes.

Mechanical Keyboard price 2021

Mechanical Keyboard

Some Popular Mechanical Keyboards in Bangladesh

Mechanical keyboards are often knowns as gaming keyboards in Bangladesh. However, not all gaming keyboards are mechanical. So, people should really be careful while buying a mechanical keyboard. A mechanical keyboard must have key switches. Here are some great mechanical keyboards available in Bangladesh right now.

Keychron K3

The Keychron K3 is an excellent 75 percent keyboard with all the functions and arrow keys. It is compatible with macOS, Android OS, and Windows OS since it allows users to switch between these modes depending on the operating system they are using. It features complete RGB illumination, and swappable buttons. However, no specialized software for remapping the keys. Keychron recommends users to use third-party software. The typing quality provided by its switches is satisfactory. It might cost around BDT 8,000.

Dierya x KEMOVE DK61 Pro

The Dierya x KEMOVE DK61 mechanical keyboard is an excellent product. This is a 60 percent small board and has an adjustable RGB lighting system, and macro-programmable keys. The Gateron Brown switches provide an extremely light feel while also being available in Red or Black. They are linear and generate minimal sounds. Unfortunately, the official software isn’t particularly user-friendly, making it difficult to create macros and customize the illumination. The price will be around BDT 8000

SmartDuck XS87

Smart Duck’s XS87 has a lot going for it, including an all-black design, complete RGB LEDs, and also swappable switch connections. Its 87-key TKL layout, which has complete anti-ghosting technology. This is one of the most popular keyboards on the market right now. The XS87 is programmable using driver software and has a complete function row and Fn function keys. The keyboard will cost users only BDT 5,000.

MotoSpeed CK107

MotoSpeed CK107 is more of a budget-friendly mechanical keyboard. It has a side laser. It doesn’t support the Bluetooth connection so remains only as a wired mechanical keyboard. This keyboard features an MS switch and measures 438.18 x 193.7 x 37.13mm. This keyboard has non-conflict keys as well as a side laser with painted keycaps that are RGB backlit. The Fn+F12 key combination on the keyboard disables the WIN key feature.

Asus Rog Claymore

The ROG Claymore is divided into two sections: the “Core,” which functions as a conventional keyboard, and a detachable number pad connectable to both sides of the Core. The Core is made of aluminum and strong plastic. It has an incomparable sturdiness and can easily outperform any plastic-coated keyboard. It comes at a high price which is around BDT 17,500.

Bottom Line

A mechanical keyboard is capable of making a user’s imagination into a reality. With more heaviness, durability, and flair which are never imaginable with a membrane keyboard. Mechanical keyboards have got back to the market and they will stay and improve. More customers will discover the advantages they provide to typists, intense gamers, and also everyone in between.

Source: United News of Bangladesh