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Make corona-vaccine roadmap public: BNP to govt

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Sunday demanded the government make its roadmap on the coronavirus vaccine collection and distribution public immediately.

“The Health Minister yesterday (Saturday) said the vaccine would cost Tk 426. It’s still not clear whether the government or people will pay this price,” he said.

The BNP leader said, “We demand that a comprehensive roadmap on how the vaccine will be collected, distributed, how many people will be vaccinated and the price of the vaccine be immediately presented by the government before the country’s people.”

Mirza Fakhrul came up with the demanded at a press conference at BNP chairperson’s Gulshan office.

He said they came to know that a list of high-profile people has already been prepared for providing the vaccine. “We’ve received news that members of different clubs, including Gulshan Club, Dhaka Club Uttara Club, are being listed. We’ve also heard that the arrangement has been made for the vaccination of ministers and the high-ranking government officials.”

The BNP leader said they still did not get any specific statement from any office of the government about how and when the general people will get the vaccine.

He said their party thinks the common people should be given the vaccine free of cost.

Fakhrul said the government should properly inform people about when the vaccine will reach Bangladesh.

He said private pharmaceutical company Beximco will bring the Oxford vaccine to Bangladesh from the Serum Institute of India. “But it has to be made clear to people as to why Beximco is purchasing the vaccine instead of the government.”

“Does Beximco have a commission here? We want to know how much commission Beximco may get? How much price will have to pay for it? Why’s the government giving money to the Serum Institute through Beximco Pharmaceuticals? Why isn’t the government itself giving it to the Serum Institute?” Fakhrul questioned.

He said people have the right to know why a private company is engaged with the vaccine procurement drive when the government itself can do it. “Is it happening as he (Beximco owner) is an adviser to the government?

The BNP leader expressed doubt about the government’s information on the daily corona infection and death rates. “As per government data, 5,15,184 people were infected while 7,519 died as of Saturday. “We’ve repeatedly been saying this information is not correct. Many people are dying at home, but they’re not reporting and going to hospitals.”

He said the real corona situation is not made clear as the government is unable to ensure adequate testing facilities. “We think it’s a gross negligence.”

Fakhrul demanded the government present the right information about the death and infection of the deadly virus.

He said their party formed a committee on coronavirus which will provide the nation necessary direction and information regarding the vaccine collection and its distribution.

Source: United News of Bangladesh