Likee’s #KnowledgeMonth campaign ends; 5,470 videos uploaded by 1,904 users

Likee Bangladesh’s recent initiative #KnowledgeMonth, organized in partnership with 10 Minute School, has been ended which received wide acclaim from different regions and turned out to be a successful activity owing to its potential to create an enabling and healthy online atmosphere for knowledge sharing.

Likee launched the campaign on September 3 to encourage its users creating and sharing videos focusing on various academic and co-curricular skills, which would not only enlighten people but also help them showcase their creative side.

During the campaign, a total of 5,470 videos were uploaded by 1,904 users, and a staggering number of 35.8 million engagements were recorded. Likee users have uploaded videos on different categories such as English learning, football, art & painting, cooking with a concentrated focus on two streams – #howto and #education.

Many famous figures from different fields such as teachers, researchers, sportspersons, artists, culinary and life-skill enthusiasts and renowned nutritionists have taken part in the campaign and come up with enlightening videos.

Abdullah Al Shihab, 10 Minute School’s PR and Communication Manager, said about managing the overall operations of the collaborative campaign of 10 Minute School and Likee, “We started this #KnowledgeMonth campaign with a goal of ensuring educational value on the short video platform as Likee which people typically use for entertainment purpose.”

The campaign segments were distributed according to the platform users’ need to reach out to each category of them easily.

Tamanna Chowdhury, a clinical dietitian and nutritionist, said about this campaign, “Through my short videos I usually talk about diet tips and nutrition. Of late, I have come across Likee Bangladesh’s #KnowledgeMonth campaign, which seems to be a quite a gem for me. I have shared many videos portraying different pertinent aspects related to nutritional needs. I hope people will see those and be aware of their health.”

On the other hand, Iffat, another participant, said, “Apart from showcasing my cooking skills, I have also got to learn about different life skills including cooking, art, math, spoken English etc. I am happy as after joining #KnowledgeMonth I was able to create a new cooking account and my cooking account got the verification as well.”

Inspired by the response this campaign has received, Likee is encouraged to arrange such campaigns in the future to provide a platform to the video creators for displaying their personal talents and help them expand their career options as well. This type of campaign is expected to create an ambiance where content creators will be able to acquire and develop knowledge together and add value to the fellow users’ experience.

Source: United News of Bangladesh