Likee enters 5th year

Short-video app Likee recently celebrated the fourth anniversary of its global launch.

The application was officially launched in Bangladesh in July 2019.

Likee – a global platform for creating, viewing, and sharing short-form mobile videos – now has more than 100 million members across the world.

While the app has encouraged users to express their latent talent, it has also been promoting entertaining and educational campaigns to create value through opportunities and education for users.

For example, Likee launched the Victory Day campaign in Bangladesh in December 2020, which generated over 37 million engagements, and the Independence Day campaign in March 2021, which generated over 55 million engagements.

Also, to identify talented creative users, the brand launched the “Likee Talents” campaign, which generated approximately 949 million engagements.

Likee’s educational campaign in Bangladesh – the #Steps2Learn campaign – has also generated over 4.5 million engagements.

“In a time when the internet is always at the tip of our fingers, choosing the right community with quality content is very important for the users to make the most out of their virtual engagements,” Joy, Likee’s head of operations in Bangladesh, said.

“Likee is learning every day about the local culture and trends in Bangladesh and is striving to design itself according to that to add more value to users’ lives.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh