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Liberation war dream remains unfulfilled: GM Quader

Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader on Tuesday said inequality and exploitation still prevail in the country as the dream of independence is yet to be fulfilled, even after 50 years of the Liberation War.

“The dream with which the great Liberation War was organised and the purpose for which the heroic martyrs sacrificed their lives that dream has not been materialized yet,” he said.

The Jatiya Party chief also said the struggle to implement the spirit of the Liberation War is not over yet. “Our politics will continue to materialise the dream of the Liberation War.”

He made the remarks while talking to reporters after paying tributes to martyred intellectuals by placing a wreath at the Martyred Intellectuals Memorial at Mirpur in the city, marking the Martyred Intellectuals Day.

GM Quader said the Liberation War was organised with the aim of freeing the nation from discrimination and exploitation.

“The Pakistanis had discriminated against us. At that time, Pakistanis made Bengalis the second-class citizens and they deprived us of all rights,” he said.

The Jatiya Party chairman said fighting against inequality and exploitation was the main spirit of the Liberation War. “Even in the 50 years of independence, we’ve not been able to rise above inequality and we’ve not been able to build a society free from exploitation.”

He said there has been now inequality between the ruling party and the opposition. ”Billions of dollars are being siphoned off abroad from the country. So, the self-sacrifices of millions of martyrs in the great Liberation War and the exchange of chastity of mothers and sisters and the highest sacrifice of the martyred intellectuals have not yet succeeded.”

GM Quader said their party will move forward to build a new Bangladesh free from discrimination and exploitation. “We want to build that Bangladesh for which the heroic martyrs sacrificed their lives.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh