Lalmonirhat: 75-yr-old struggles to get two square meals a day

“Click my photos if you wish, but help me repair my shanty. Every time it rains, the roof leaks and my shack gets filled up with water,” says 75-year-old Kadu Begam, a resident of Kashiram village in Kaliganj upazila.

The hearing impaired lives alone in the shack. “My husband passed away some 15 years ago. And after I married our only daughter off to a man, there’s literally no one to take care of me,” says Begam.

Unable to walk due to old age, Begam is often forced to spend days without food. “Often I go to bed with hunger. Believe me, I don’t have enough money to secure two square meals a day. No one is there to help me either”

Her story has left local residents teary-eyed. “I urge the authorities as well as the rich to come forward and help Begam,” says a local resident.

Tushbhandar UP chairman Nur Islam claims he is aware of Begam’s situation. “Once she was provided with aid. But we don’t have funds now. Whenever it comes, we will try to help her,” he adds.

UNO Rabiul Hassan has, however, promised to help the woman at the earliest.

Source: United News of Bangladesh