JU student accused of abuse, assault against fellow students

A female student of Jahangirnagar University (JU) has been accused of physically assaulting a male student. The accused student is Sumaiya Binte Ekram, a 46th batch student of Anthropology Department, a residential student of Pritilata Hall .

The incident took place in Battala area of the university around 8.30 pm on Monday. The victim student said, “I was walking on Battala road with some of my friends. Later Sumaiya bint Ekram came from behind and charged me why I did not leave the road .Later Sumaiya bint Ekram attacked me for telling her that 70% of the road was empty and she started scolding me in inaudible language and I left the place.”

Ayesha Siddique Nipa, a student of government and politics department, who witnessed the incident, said, “Six of us were walking on the left side of Battala Road. Then two unfamiliar girls were arrogantly passing us on the right side. Again they said in a loud voice that you can’t walk on the side of the road. Then one of us said the road is empty. At this time, a girl started shouting incoherently and swearing in vulgar language. Then we endured all this and left the place. ‘

Another eyewitness, Kazi Vijay, said, “Half an hour after the incident, a friend of the accused called us at a food shop in Battala. At that time we were describing the details of the incident. But suddenly the accused student came from behind and slapped my classmate on the cheek and physically assaulted him. The accused’s friend Diganta then went to another shop with her.”

The proctorial body of the university later arrived at the scene at ten o’clock. At that time they brought the accused and the plaintiffs to the proctor’s office.

The victim said, “I did not utter a word of disrespect to her. But the girl was repeatedly behaving arrogantly in front of everyone. At one point, she suddenly hit me. ‘

Shihab Khan Diganta, a 43rd batch of the drama and drama theory department, a friend of the accused, said, “I was present there and tried to reconcile.”

But he failed.

Assistant Proctor Associate Professor Tajuddin Sikder said, “The university administration has asked for 24 hours. One has to start a process to judge an event. Disciplinary committee meeting has to be held. This requires time. The whole incident is uncomfortable for us. It is hoped that this will be a fair solution. The administration is sincere in this regard.”

Prof. Abdullah Hale Kafi, Prof. Sohail Ahmed, Prof. Motahar Hossain, Prof. Akbar Hossain, Prof. Ayesha Siddique, President of JU Branch Chhatra League Akhtaruzzaman Sohel, General Secretary Habibur Rahman Liton and others were present at the Proctor’s office.

The accused student said, “They were doing different gestures which seemed unbearable to me. He wanted to hit me. At one point they were calling me a drug addict. They have slandered me. At one point, when I went out of tolerance, I slapped him and it happened very quickly.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh