Journalists want apex court to pave way for Khaleda’s treatment abroad

A group of pro-BNP journalists on Monday called upon the country’s apex court to grant bail to ‘critically’ ill BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia at its own initiative paving the way for her advanced medical care abroad.

They made the call while addressing a human-chain programme in front of the Jatiya Press Club.

Pro-BNP factions of Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) and Dhaka Union of journalists (DUJ) arranged the programme demanding Khaleda’s treatment abroad.

Speaking at the programme, former BFUJ president Shawkat Mahmud alleged that Khaleda has been pushed towards death by keeping her in jail after convicting her in ‘false’ cases.

“She was not given proper treatment there (in jail). We think she fell sick because of political vengeance. She’s now in between life and death. So, we urge the judges of the High Court to grant bail to Khaleda Zia on their own initiative,” he said.

Shawkat said the apex court has the authority to give bail to Khaleda as it did the same thing in the past regarding some ministers.

He also called upon the journalists to raise their voice to mount pressure on the government to allow the BNP chief to go abroad. “If necessary, we’ll take to the streets to realise the demand.”

Jatiya Press Club Vice-President Poet Hasan Hafiz said it is unfortunate that a former prime minister is being deprived of receiving advanced medical care overseas.

He also crticised the Awami League leaders for what he said making ‘derogatory’ comments about Khaleda’s illness. “Such an attitude of the ruling party in an independent country can’t be accepted. There’s still time for the ruling party to release Khaleda Zia for treatment. I hope good sense will prevail upon them.”

Hasan Hafiz thanked renowned Poet Nirmalendu Goon as he gave a status on Facebook wishing recovery of the BNP chief.

“I appreciate Nirmalendu Goon for his courage. It has reflected that those who have a minimum conscience can’t support the inhuman and brutal attitude (towards Khaleda),” he observed.

DUJ president Kader Gani Chowdhury said it touched the hearts of many people the way Khaleda’s doctors narrated her critical health condition on Sunday.

Recalling Khaleda’s many contributions to the country, he alleged that efforts are on to kill the BNP chief in a planned way.

“Laws are enacted not to annihilate anyone, but to save lives, maintain law and order and protect civilization. On behalf of the journalist community, we would like to urge the court to take initiatives to protect the life of Begum Khaleda Zia,” Gani said.

BFUJ President M Abdullah said people have got worried hearing the briefing of doctors on Khaleda’s fragile health condition. We, the journalist community, urge the government to take steps for sending Khaleda Zia abroad for advanced treatment.

Khaleda, a 76-year-old former prime minister, was readmitted to Evercare Hospital on 13 November.

Her medical board members on Sunday said Khaleda urgently needs to go abroad for better treatment as she was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis.

Source: United News of Bangladesh