Jaya Ahsan, the Sensational Actress, is on the List of ‘PranobikBondhu’

Jaya Ahsan, popular on both big and small screens, is going to be recognized for her love of animals. Her social media fans are already aware of her love for pets. The caring attitude of the actress towards the anchored animals has been coming to light in recent years. For these kinds of benevolent activities outside of her acting, she is going to win the ‘PranobikBondhu’ Award. Let’s get to know about actress Jaya Ahsan and her endless love for animals.

Journey of Jaya Ahsan in the film industry

Joya Ahsan has become a sensational star of two Bengals, which is certainly a huge achievement in her long acting career. She made her big-screen debut in 2004 with ‘Bachelor’ of MostafaSarwarFarooqi. Later, she became very popular in the film industry through ‘Guerrilla’ and ‘Chorabali’ movies. She started her career in mainstream cinema by starring in the commercially successful film ‘PurnoDoirghoPrem Kahini’-1 and 2.

After starting with the film ‘Aborto’ in 2013, Jaya continued to be a regular performer in Indian movies. The movie ‘Debi’ based on the story of the late Humayun Ahmed, the greatest filmmaker in Bangladesh, was released in 2018 from ‘C te Cinema’, her own production house. Not to mention, continuous success in different films has made the actress busier than ever before. Still, Joya gets out of time from her busy schedule to shower kindness to animals.

Jaya Ahsan as an animal lover

Jaya went on a four-day Sylhet tour with her mother and sister in 2018. This tour was originally courtesy of Cleopatra; Jaya’s pet dog, who she calls Patra. She had to leave Patra for a month to stay in Kolkata for a movie shoot. That’s why she had this trip to spend some quality time with Patra.

Moreover, Jaya regularly fed almost 30 street dogs in the Magbazar and Eskaton Garden areas. During the CoronaVirus epidemic, the actress joined the animal rights movement. This movement began with the Dhaka South City Corporation to protest the moving of 30,000 stray dogs out of the city.


Jaya Ahsan is feeding stray dogs

Jaya took part in the awareness campaign of the People for Animal Welfare (PAW) Foundation to save stray dogs through roadside graffiti.

Jaya was the most notable face among the 22 young artists who organized the awareness campaign held from 28 to 29 August 2020. Later she expressed her views in a Facebook post, as “Stop the execution of our angel friends.”

Receiving the ‘PranobikBondhu’ Award of Jaya Ahsan

The People for Animal Welfare Foundation is organizing this award-giving ceremony for the first time in Bangladesh to applaud animal lovers. This event aims at encouraging those kindhearted people who help animals in various ways and work to protect animal rights.

On World Animal Day 2020 (October 4), PAW announced the names of ten winners of the title ‘PranobikBondhu’. This honorary memento will be handed over to all of them next November. Besides Jaya Ahsan, the list includes- Medical Specialist Prof. Dr. Ba-Nazir Ahmed, Professor. Nitish Chandra Debnath, DNCC Mayor Md. Atiqul Islam, MollahRezaul Karim, Prabir Kumar Sarkar, GracyPushpita Sarkar, Reshad Kamal, Sudha Rani, Dr. FatihaImnoorIma and Md. Abu Bakar Siddique.

In a nutshell

In Bangladesh, many people silently take care of the healthy life of animals around them. Their efforts often go unnoticed. So the self-driven initiatives of actress Jaya Ahsan will inspire those hidden stars. Meanwhile, the humanity of the title of ‘PranobikBondhu’ will spread all over Bangladesh with this great step of PAW.

Source: United News of Bangladesh