itel Vision 2S Review with Price in Bangladesh: Know the Pros, Cons

The itel Vision 2S is the latest addition to the itel Vision series. It is the direct successor of the itel Vision 2 Plus, yet a budget-friendly one. Vision 2S was first introduced on 7th September 2021 in India. The itel series has already received praise for providing quality handsets to budget cautious consumers. With Vision 2S, the company has taken another step to their set path. The phone has already grabbed people’s attention. This article is a full review of itel Vision 2S highlighting its features and functionalities.

itel Vision 2S: Review of Key Features


The Intel Vision 2S features a beautiful design that goes above and beyond its price point. The phone’s dimensions are 166 x 76.30 x 8.90mm, giving it a large screen appearance. Users may feel it is hard to use the phone with a single hand.

The phone’s overall design is appealing and functional. Users will not be able to complain about the appearance thanks to the matte textured pattern finish on the rear with a gradient effect. The slight texture will provide a hand feel rather than a visual sense. It allows you better hold on to the massive phone and protects the rear from staining.

On the rear, there is a dual-camera slot and a fingerprint sensor. Reaching it with the finger requires no effort, as the fingerprint sensor is located exactly where it should have been. The volume adjuster and power button are placed on the phone’s right side. The SIM card slot is on the left, with a loudspeaker and an audio jack on the bottom. Clearly, consumers will get more than just the essentials.


In low-cost phones, large screens and quality displays are quite uncommon. Thanks to itel for providing a 6.52-inch display with a resolution of 720×1600 pixels in their latest innovation Vision 2S. The phone’s display has an aspect ratio of 20:9. That implies the users will have a positive experience with the touch reaction.

The decreased brightness level of the display seems to be a problem. It adds two kinds of impacts. The colours on the screen seem less normal, and the display turns totally black in direct sunlight. To improve the brightness, consumers have to adjust the brightness level to the maximum.

A teardrop camera room can be seen in the upper-middle corner of the display. In addition, the phone’s chin and bezel are noticeably smaller. Hence, users will not be bothered by these when viewing movies or playing games.

The Rear Lenses

The main camera panel has two cameras. The main camera has an 8MP wide lens and a 0.3MP depth sensor that is touted to be an AI sensor. The pictures captured by these lenses are mediocre.

The cameras did not achieve a sufficient dynamic ratio. The pictures provided seem to have a somewhat warmer tone. The tone sometimes enhances the overall appearance of the pictures, while other times it detracts from them. In low light, the contrast increases. Photos shot at night need additional attention to achieve a high level of quality.

With the main camera, users may shoot movies at 30 frames per second for maximum quality of 1080p.


itel Vision 2 review

Front Camera

A 5MP secondary camera is housed in the front teardrop camera holder. It may dishearten many selfie lovers. Given the trend in previous low-cost phones, itel could have offered an 8MP front-facing camera in Vision 2S.

The front camera merely boosts the brightness of the image. This results in clear pictures, but the image becomes smoother owing to a loss of sharpness and details. Portrait mode photographs are of mediocre quality and offer nothing extraordinary.

Performance, Software, and UI

The phone is supported by an octa-core Spreadtrum UniSoC processor. This particular chipset is more likely to be found in low- to mid-range phones. However, itel has applied it in their low-cost phone Vision 2S. The Unisoc SC9863A GPU has been added to complement the CPU.

The newly launched 2GB 32GB version outperforms the previous model in multitasking and app browsing. When these qualities are combined, the phone provides satisfactory performance in regular task processing as well as low-level gaming.

However, while playing high-resolution games like PUBG and Call of Duty, the phone’s overall performance will be slowed down. The heavy-duty games put strains on the phone’s CPU. Therefore, users should avoid playing such games on this phone.

When it comes to the skin, even the latest Vision 2S releases have included the Android 11 basic version.

Battery and Charging

This brings us to another of Vision 2S’s strong points. It has a 5000 mAh battery that may keep the phone running for up to two days on a single charge for a typical user. With long hours of video viewing and gaming, heavy users may run the phone for at least one day.

However, it hurts our hearts to discover that a phone still provides a 5W charger. It’s the equivalent of handing over a bucket to fill up an ocean with water. The charger requires about 6 to 7 hours to fully charge the battery.

Price in Bangladesh

The Vision 2S is now available in a single 2GB version. The 2GB 32GB model costs BDT 8,690.


The market for low-cost phones is becoming one of the most congested in recent years. The itel Vision 2S can still stand out because of its beautiful appearance, big display, storage capacity, and large battery. When weighed against the price, all of the other shortcomings do not seem to be a problem. If you want a low-cost phone with smart features to carry out your daily chores, the itel Vision 2S is the phone for you.

Source: United News of Bangladesh