Inspire people to strengthen movement: BNP

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Wednesday said their party has to motivate people to make their movement for the ‘restoration’ of democracy a success.

“We’ve no other option, but to wage a stronger movement to bring the country out of the disguised one-party rule and establish the rights of people. It’s now essential to wake up people to make that happen,” he said.

Speaking at a virtual discussion, the BNP leader said, “No movement will ever succeed without awakening people. We believe that we’ll be able to bring a change with the help of people as we did in the past.”

BNP arranged the virtual discussion marking the country’s 49th Victory Day.

Fakhrul alleged that Awami League has destroyed the spirit of the Liberation War and the dreams of freedom fighters. “Awami League has created a political structure to perpetuate its stay in power and continue the one-party rule.”

He said the ruling party has been moving ahead with a specific goal for restoring “one-party Baksal rule” undercover of democracy.

Fakhrul regretted that the public servants like judges and officials of the administration unprecedentedly formed a human-chain programme in favour of a particular party and issued various threats to people.

“The government is now running the country by intimidating people using the state machinery. It’s called autocracy and fascism which has now grasped the country,” he observed.

Earlier in the day, Fakhrul together with party senior leaders paid homage to the freedom fighters who made the supreme sacrifice for the country during the Liberation War in 1971 by placing wreaths at the National Mausoleum in Savar.

Talking to reporters there, Fakhrul said they will continue their movement to have democracy and people’s rights restored.

“There’s no democracy in the country while our freedom of speech and basic rights have been snatched. “So, today we’ve taken a fresh vow to restore those,” he said.

Fakhrul said their party will free the country from ‘misrule’ and turn Bangladesh into a democratic country through their struggle.

Later, the BNP leaders also placed wreaths at the grave of BNP founder Ziaur Rahman at Sher-e-Banglanagar in the capital, marking the Victory Day.

They offered a munajt seeking salvation of Zia’s departed soul.

Earlier in the morning, BNP hoisted national and party flags atop its offices across the country, marking the day.

Source: United News of Bangladesh