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Hw to become a professional table tennis player in Bangladesh: An overall guideline

In the era of football and cricket, table tennis (TT), also known as ping pong, seems to be losing its appeal, though it did not have any sort of popularity. Currently, you may see the madness for table tennis in the university common rooms. Other than that, you will hardly see a TT professional player except a few who want to play in the national and international tournaments. This article will focus on those players who want to grow themselves as professionals. We will discuss becoming a professional table tennis player in Bangladesh.

Important factors to consider to become a professional table tennis player

You cannot become a superstar player overnight. Years of practice and experience can make your path clear. However, there are some other factors you need to consider to become a table tennis player.

Physical attributes

Good physical attributes are necessary, which include power, fitness, agility, speed, balance, and more. You can get all of them through training.

Early inception

If anyone aims to be a professional player, starting practicing at a very young age is highly beneficial. Because at a young age, players can concentrate more than in the older. However, if you are a parent and want to build your child as a table tennis player, you may follow this.

Regular practice

There is a proverb, “practice makes a man perfect.” A regular and large quantity of practice is necessary to become a professional player. Nevertheless, it is necessary for all types of sports.

Practice against high-level opposition

Whenever you practice against someone who is better than you, you will certainly develop your playing skill. So, always aim to get a high-level partner.

Professional set-up

Always try to practice in a professional set-up. It will give you enough confidence for the tournaments, and you will not feel nervous when playing in the big tournaments.

Table Tennis Guideline Bangladesh

Table Tennis Players in Bangladesh


Working hard and having a complete focus on the game, along with self-discipline, will surely improve the skill.

Good coach

Although you may not get a good number of coaches around you except the BKSP or other training organizations, you may seek coaching from the senior players.


It has been seen that players lose their motivation after a few days of practice. So, the love for table tennis and a desire to improve relentlessly is crucial. You may work with self-motivation and set your new goals every day to keep up the motivation.

This is a pretty comprehensive list to get started. From extensive research, we have found these factors are important for developing as a table tennis player.

Where to take a table tennis course in Bangladesh?

There are very few table tennis academies in Bangladesh. You may hardly find any academies at the district level. Therefore, few division-level academies are the hopes for the players. If you want to think largely, BKSP is the only organization that teaches table tennis professionally. However, it is not mandatory to join them initially.

But you may need to connect some BKSP or Bangladesh Table Tennis Federation’s personnel to take part in the national and international tournaments. Usually, the federation organizes three types of tournaments in Bangladesh, Premier League, Independent Cup, and Federation cup.

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Apart from the BKSP, there are few organizations that teach table tennis privately, such as Uttara Table Tennis Academy, Green Point Table Tennis, etc. You may search on google to see some table tennis academies near you.

Further, you can watch YouTube videos to learn the basics rules and techniques to get acquainted with table tennis.

Tips to advance your table tennis skills

You may know how to play table tennis, or even you may understand all the rules. But following tips will step up your professional game.

Understand the opponent’s skill

The key to win a game and become the best table tennis player is to keenly look at your opponent’s spin. To master that, you will need to focus on the opponent’s racket when he makes contact with the ball. If the bat moved from low to high, you might expect a topspin. However, if the bat moved from high to low, it is a backspin. If you see the bat moving from left to right, you will get the right sidespin, and if it is right to leave, the left sidespin will occur.

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Moving your racket according to the spin

You will need to change the hitting style according to the spin. For instance, to hit the topspin, angle the racket’s face down and hit the ball above the center part of the racket. For the backspin, face up the racket and hit below the center.

A good read positions

Be prepared always to take the shot, it will help you to move instantly in any direction, and at the same time, you will need to balance your body. Regular practice will help you to master these skills.

Train the strokes

Initially, you need to have acquired a lot of mental energy, which eventually formulate a visible mental picture of your strokes. Once you get your mental picture, accurately practice that skill over and over. That is how you don’t need to think about the strokes.

Use your very own racket

Whenever you get acquainted with a racket, you will feel the pace and use it in any direction you want. Besides, take care of your racket properly, so that you don’t face any unwanted problems while playing.

Advance your sidespin serves

Usually, players don’t put extra effort on sidespin serves. As a result, they cannot rule the opponent. Sidespin is hard for the opponents to return the serve. So, mastering this skill will certainly keep you ahead in the game.

All the tips and factors we have mentioned above are highly essential to become a professional table tennis player. Betides practicing with a good partner under a good coach is also mandatory. If you are passionate about tennis and don’t find any academy or clubs near you, BKSP is always there for you.

Source: United News of Bangladesh