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How to get BRTA Bangladesh Motor Driving License in 2022: Necessary documents and costs

Driving license is one of the most essential documents considered while identifying a person during various national and international activities. It is the key identification document for allowing permits to an adult citizen for driving different types of motor vehicles. According to Section 3 of the Bangladesh Motor Vehicles Ordinance 1983, no one can drive on a public road without a driving license. So there is no substitute for a valid driving license for driving anywhere in the country. Let’s get to know how to get a BRTA Bangladesh Motor Driving License.

Minimum required qualifications for Bangladesh Motor Driving License

Any mentally and physically fit citizen of Bangladesh can apply for a BRTA motor driving license. However, there are some basic conditions.

→ Minimum class eight pass academic qualification is required to apply for a driving license. However, a minimum SSC pass is required to show during the online application.

→ The first and essential step of any type of driving license is to collect the learner’s driving license.

→ For the application for a non-professional driving license, the minimum required age is 18 years. The minimum required age for a professional driving license is 20 years.

There are three types of professional driving licenses.

A/ For the light motor vehicle (weight less than 2500 kg), the minimum required age of the applicant is 20 years.

B/ The applicant for the medium motor vehicle (weight 2500 to 6500 kg) must be at least 23 years old but in this case, the candidate must have at least 3 years experience of using a light motor vehicle driving license.

C/ For the heavy motor vehicle (weight more than 6500 kg), minimum required age of the applicant is 26 years and in this case, the candidate must have at least 3 years old medium motor vehicle driving license.

Online application of BRTA Motor Driving License: Required documents

For learner driving license

A scanned copy of the required documents must be prepared in advance for online application.

1. Image size: 300 x 300-pixel and maximum 150 KB

2. Filled up Medical Certificate Form with the signature of Registered Doctor (Scan copy should be more than 600 KB).

3. National Identity Card (NID) or Birth Registration Certificate or Passport (up to 600 KB).

4. Gas, electricity, or water bill of current address (maximum 600 KB).

For BRTA Bangladesh Smart Card Motor Driving License

The same papers will be required here as well. The only exception is to add the learner’s driving license number, which will be given after passing the learner’s driving license test.

Application procedure for BRTA Bangladesh Motor Driving License

For BRTA Bangladesh learner driving license

First, the applicant is required to go to the BRTA service window and register with NID.

The application form has to be filled by providing similar information to NID. After selecting the test venue, the date and time of the test will be determined automatically. Now it’s time to submit the license fee. The learner’s driving license will be created as soon as the payment is made. This license can be used during the driving license test.

For BRTA Bangladesh Smart Card Driving License

The learner’s driving license number will be given after passing the written, interview, and field test. With this number, anyone can apply for a smartcard driving license online by submitting the required documents and paying the fees.

At this time the candidate can conveniently select the date for taking his or her photo and giving the digital signature and fingerprint. After the completion of this biometric system, the candidate will be informed via SMS to get the generated smartcard driving license.

For International Driving License

To get a driving license outside the country, applicants need to get an international driving license from (Automobile Association of Bangladesh) AAB. The steps for obtaining an international driving license are:

→ The first thing to do is to get a smartcard driving license.

Collect the application form for International Driving License from BRTA’s site and fill it in accordance with the information provided in the SmartCard Driving License.

The papers to be submitted with the application are-

1. Attested photocopy of smartcard driving license

2. One copy of passport and four copies of stamp size photo

3. Photocopy of pages 1 to 4 of the passport

Then the application form along with these documents has to be submitted to the office of AAB. At this time the date of collection of the license will be mentioned in the receipt issued after paying the license fee. At that time the applicant has to go to the office and collect the license.

Required fees for obtaining BRTA Bangladesh Driving License

Fee of Learner Driving License

BDT.345 for any one of the motorcycles and light motor vehicles.

BDT.518 for licensing a motorcycle and any light motor vehicle together.

Fee of Smart Card Driving License

→ Professional driving license fee BDT.1680 with the 5-year renewal fee.

→ Amateur driving license fee BDT.2542 with the 10-year renewal fee.

Fee of International Driving License

International Driving License fee BDT. 2500

Wrap up

The safety of passengers on public transport depends on the driver. In a populous country like Bangladesh, not only driving but also proper maintenance of the car should be done with proper training. With a little carelessness, the cost of the accident has to be paid for the rest of life. So learning to drive properly is the best way to get a driver’s license.

Source: United News of Bangladesh