Hili traders not interested to import Indian onion through waterways

India recent condition for onion export through waterways has irked the traders at Hili land port.

They are uninterested in importing Indian onion through waterways as they are not familiar with the routes and it can pose risks, Hili traders said.

Hili land port Import-Export Group President Harun ur Rashid said India has stopped onion export for more than a month and recently they resumed the export on Oct 9 with several conditions.

These conditions, including exporting onions through waterways, have proven to be very unpleasant among the traders, he said.

“India has put a condition to import onion through the Chennai Sea port which spoiled the interest of local traders,” he added.

On September 14, without any prior warning, India halted onion export to Bangladesh triggering huge instability in the domestic market.

Currently, Indian onions are almost absent in the local market.

India showed interest in exporting onion when Bangladesh has already started importing from Myanmar, Pakistan and China, local traders said.

Source: United News of Bangladesh