Higher Study in China: Scholarship Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students

In recent years, China has emerged as a top educational destination for Bangladesh students. The country now offers world-class education for local and international students. More importantly, the cost of higher studies for an international student is much less compared to European or western countries. In this article, let’s look at a brief overview of higher studies and scholarship opportunities in China for Bangladeshi students.

Higher Study in China

China has a population of over 1.4 billion and a new literacy rate of 96%. It is granted that a country with such a high population and high literacy rate will have a robust education system. As a result, Chinese higher education is referred to as the largest higher education hub in the world.

The county has 3012 accredited universities and colleges across the mainland housing over 40 million students. The Chinese ministry of education grossly credits the strong higher education structure for the economic as well as social development of China.

With its strong curriculum and ample opportunities, China is the largest study abroad destination in Asia. And it holds the second spot globally. The country has surpassed the USA to clinch the second spot in research publication ranking in 2017. It shows a strong affinity towards research-based higher study opportunities.

China has significantly dominated different university rankings over the years. According to the international student report of 2018, 492,185 active international students are pursuing different types of higher education at 1004 institutions across mainland China. The high number of foreign students has prompted the Chinese government to undertake various scholarships. Beyond the state-sponsored ones, there are provincial as well as university scholarships based on different merits of an aspiring student.

Scholarship Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students in China

There is no special provision for Bangladeshi students in Chinese scholarships. Bangladeshi students will have to apply for the scholarships competing with students from other nationalities. The official link to the scholarship requirements and the process will be included with each of the mentioned scholarships.

The Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese Government Scholarship is issued by the ministry of education. It is the most prestigious scholarship offered by the Chinese Government. There are three types of CGS – Type A, Type B, and Type C. All of these opportunities are similar and only differ according to the stream of the major. There are about 282 affiliate universities with this scholarship program.

The scholarship offers a monthly stipend, full tuition, and accommodation fees. For undergraduates, the monthly stipend is 2500 RMB which is around 33,000 BDT. For the master’s it’s 3000 RMB and for PhD, it’s 3500 RMB. The stipend amounts to 40,000 BDT and 47,000 BDT for masters and Ph.D. respectively.

The CGS is subject to yearly review. So, a student must maintain academic and personal excellence to be eligible for the subsequent years.

The Beijing Government Scholarship

The BGS is a provincial scholarship opportunity for students applying to public universities situated in Beijing. This is a tuition scholarship provided for bachelor, masters’ as well as PhD candidates. However, the tuition for bachelors and masters are provided for one year only. PhD candidates can get full funding for up to 3 years.

Just like the CGS, there is an annual evaluation that accounts for the continuation of the scholarship. Students who have received any other form of scholarship may not be considered for the BGS opportunity.

Shanghai Government Scholarship

The Shanghai Government scholarship is provided by the provincial government of Shanghai. This scholarship is provided for bachelor’s, master’s as well as PhD level students. There are two types of scholarship under the SGS. Type A provides an annual total sum of 59,200 RMB or 8,00,000 BDT comprising all the expenses. Type B scholarship provides an annual amount of 20,800 RMB or 2,81,000 BDT covering part of the tuition and accommodation expenses.

A total of 34 universities are affiliated with this scholarship. The scholarship number is highly limited. The applicant also needs to have a Chinese Proficiency Level of 4 to be eligible for the scholarship.

Peking University Scholarship

Peking University is the second-best ranked university in China. The university has excellent academics as well as a scholarship opportunity for international students. The scholarships are provided exclusively based on merits. Any incoming bachelor’s, master’s or PhD student can apply for the scholarship. The scholarship is provided either as a full-ride that covers all the costs or a partial tuition reduction opportunity.

However, to be eligible for these scholarships, students have to take their major in Chinese.

Confucius Chinese Studies PhD Scholarship

This is a Ph.D. fellowship opportunity provided as part of the Confucius Chinese Studies Program. Applying fellows need to have a strong research background in their major field. In addition to that, they must have experience of at least 2 years working in the relevant sector to their major.

An applicant will need to submit all the standard application documents along with a complete research proposal to be considered for the fellowship. The program is conducted by the Beijing Normal University and covers all the expenses for the duration of the Ph.D.

Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship

The Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship is provided to international students willing to pursue their higher studies in Jiangsu. The scholarship is provided for bachelor’s and master’s students as a full-ride or partial scholarship. The full rise scholarship provides a 1500 RMB or 20,000 BDT monthly living allowance in addition to accommodation and tuition waiver. The partial scholarship provides a yearly sum of 30,000 RMB or 4,05,000 BDT for the first academic year only.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to the above-mentioned ones, there are other relatively less known scholarships. These are mostly city-based or privately funded.

1. Zhejiang Province Scholarship

2. Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship

3. Xinjiang Government Scholarship

4. Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship

5. Nanjing Universities President Scholarship

Final Words

Higher study opportunities in China are now more accessible than ever. Every year a considerable number of International students visit China for study purposes. Day by day, this country is becoming a favorite destination for higher studies for Bangladeshi students. In this article, we have discussed some lucrative scholarship opportunities for international students in China. Prospective students should definitely check out each of these scholarships to find the best match for themselves. However, each scholarship has unique requirements. Do not forget to check respective websites to know the details of these scholarships.

Source: United News of Bangladesh