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Hasina urges global leaders to act fast to save planet

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday asked the global leaders to ensure concessional finance and debt relief and access to technology for all to overcome the impending crisis posed by climate change.

She also called for the promised 100 Billion USD per year to support adaptation and mitigation activities.

“The time to take action to save the planet is not tomorrow, it’s today. Strict implementation of the Paris Agreement is the only way-out and the issue of ‘Loss and Damage’ must be mainstreamed,” she said.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing the High-Level Panel – Closing Session of the UNFCCC Race to Zero Dialogues on “Transformational Leadership to Meet Net-Zero Ambition” through a pre-recorded video message.

Sheikh Hasina said though climate change is a stark reality for all, it is more evident for the climate vulnerable countries like Bangladesh.

“A further increase of sea level, even for half a metre, could threaten the very survival of many climate vulnerable countries,” she said adding that the global leadership must take bold decisions to reduce carbon emission to save life and precious resources.

Considering global high risks, she said, the national parliament of Bangladesh declared a “Planetary Emergency” and called upon the world to work “on a war footing’’ to stop climate change. “We expect the same approach from the rest of the global leadership.”

Hasina mentioned that this year Bangladesh faced recurrent flooding along with two cyclones that damaged crops and habitats, and affected people’s livelihood amid Covid-19 pandemic. “All these were happening due to global warming which is altering nature.”

She said the global temperature has already risen almost one degree centigrade above the pre-industrial level. “According to the Paris Climate Accord, we shouldn’t allow the global temperature to rise above 1.5 degree centigrade.”

However, the Prime Minister said, as per the current prediction, the temperature could even rise by more than 4.5 Degree Celsius by the end of this century making the Earth completely not fit to live if immediate remedial actions are not taken.

“All the governments need to largely increase their ambitions to the best of their capacity if we want to save our planet and ourselves,” she said.

The PM said the bottom 100 countries account for just 3.5 percent of the global emission whereas the G20 countries are responsible for three-quarters.

“So, we expect more responsible actions from the leadership of these countries. We also call for an international day to be named ‘Climate Resilience Day’ to secure our harmony with mother earth.”

In Bangladesh, the Prime Minister said, “This year, we’re celebrating the birth centenary of the Father of our Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who recognized the threats posed by natural calamities for our people much earlier. He worked tirelessly to overcome these and protect the rights of the people.

“And in this important year, we’ve decided to launch a programme to develop a national ‘Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan’ to help mobilise resources for the implementation of a new pathway to secure our common future,” she said.

Source: United News of Bangladesh