Hasan Mahmud urges BNP to accept truth about its founder Ziaur Rahman


Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud on Monday said the word ‘decency’ doesn’t go with BNP as the people still remember the “indecent language” BNP chairperson had used about the prime minister over phone before 2014 national election.

“Our prime minister had made a phone call to Khaleda Zia before the 2014 election but what indecent language she used! People of the country have seen it. Besides, after Koko’s death, the prime minister went to Khaleda’s house to express condolence but she did not open the door even though the prime minister waited outside for 20 minutes,” he said.

Hasan was talking to the newly elected Bangladesh Secretariat Reporters Forum (BSRF) at his office.

He referred to BNP leaders’ statements alleging that the government is not allowing Khaleda to go abroad for treatment.

He said the government has shown magnanimity by keeping Khaleda out of jail even though the court did not acquit her or grant her bail.

“Now it seems we have made a mistake,” he said adding “We should rethink the decision and consider whether Khaleda Zia will be sent back to jail under the law or not.”

Regarding the BNP’s criticism of prime minister’s speech in Parliament, Hasan said that the opposition party is upset as Sheikh Hasina revealed some unpleasant truths about Ziaur Rahman.

The prime minister spoke the truth when she said that Zia seized power by force of arms. This party was formed illegally. BNP should accept the truth as none can throve on falsehood.

BSRF President Tapan Mahmud and its general secretary Masudul Haque were present at the meeting when they introduced the other members of the new committee.

Source: United News of Bangladesh