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Government approves registration to 14 IPTVs

The government has approved the registration of 14 Internet Protocol TV or IPTV to broadcast online.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issued a notification in this regard on Monday.

IPTV is the process through which contents published in television are broadcast using internet protocol network.

According to the notice in the first phase-,,, hernet-tv,,,, voicetv, jatvbd,,,,, got approval.

The approved IPTVs were asked to follow National Broadcast Policy, 2014, National Online Mass Media Policy, 2017 and other policy, guidelines, notifications issued by the ministry in producing and broadcasting programs.

The ministry also asked the IPTVs to maintain existing Copyright Act, Censorship codes and to submit the registration fees and annual fees to reissue it fixed by the commission.

On September 29, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) shut 59 unregistered and illegal IPTVs.

Source: United News of Bangladesh