Goethe-Institut Bangladesh and HerStory Foundation to host digital reading circle

German cultural institution Goethe-Institut Bangladesh, in partnership with HerStory Foundation will host a digital reading circle of My Young And Foolish Heart, a play by German author-playwright Anja Hilling on Wednesday, 7 pm on the online platform Zoom.

Open to any adult audience upon free registration, the event titled ‘Sister Library: Circle Reading Apart Together’ will feature the short 6-character play that explores the topics of memory, will, love and interpersonal connections.

Powered by female excellence, the reading circle is a space to celebrate female creativity. The Sister Library holds one thousand works of women writers, artists and zine makers and gradually becoming an evolving, generative venture that engages with an in-depth reflection on the visual and reading cultures of the current times. The goal of the project is to bring the readers together, to explore literary contributions, showcase the artistic quality and celebrate women in the creative world as well as to foster interests and understanding of the accomplishments of female writers and artists – according to the Goethe-Institute Bangladesh.

The author Anja Hilling, born 1975, is a graduate of the course in creative writing for the stage at the University of the Arts in Berlin, Germany – where she studied from 2002 to 2006 after doing a degree in theatre studies and German literature at Munich and Berlin. She wrote her first play during the time, which earned her an invitation to the Stückemarkt at the 2003 Berlin Theatertreffen, where she was awarded the Dresdner Bank Young Dramatists’ Prize.

At present, Anja Hilling is living in Berlin and working on a new play for the Thalia Theater Hamburg. She will join the online event from Berlin to read her play.

Goethe informs that following the usual format of the event, the circle readers take turns reading from the text and it is not mandatory for every participant to read, instead, the participants can continue listening while the speaker narrates the play. The participant can read considering the limitation of the session timing.

Source: United News of Bangladesh