Ganguly stable after undergoing angioplasty

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly, who was admitted to Kolkata’s Woodlands Multispeciality hospital after complaining of chest pain, is now stable after undergoing angioplasty.

Ganguly complained of chest pain after working out in the gym on Saturday (January 2) morning, according to a PTI report.

The hospital later confirmed that he will have treatment for two blockages. While he is stable and risk-free, according to the hospital, a further course of action will be decided on Monday.

“Sourav Ganguly has undergone angioplasty. He is stable now. He will be monitored for 24 hours. He is completely conscious. There are two blockages in his heart for which he will be treated. As of now he is stable, we will have a meeting on Monday and then we will decide what needs to be done further, priority is to let him settle down after heart attack. He is risk-free and he is talking as well,” Dr. Aftab Khan told reporters.

MD and CEO of the hospital, Dr Rupali Basu, had said that Ganguly had a family history of heart disease. When he came to the hospital at 1pm, his pulse was 70/min, BP 130/80 mm of Hg and other clinical parameters were within normal limits,” the hospital statement said. “He has received loading doses of dual anti platelets and statin and is undergoing primary angioplasty now,” Basu said in an official statement from the hospital.

Source: United News of Bangladesh