Fundamentalist forces take advantage of political patronage’: Information Minister

Information Minister and Awami League joint general secretary Hasan Mahmud has said the political patronage of certain parties is behind the occasional mischief attempted by fundamentalist forces in the country.

He made the remarks after a meeting with the “Bangladesh Climate Change Journalists Forum” at the Information Ministry meeting room at the Secretariat on Monday. State Minister for Information. Murad Hasan was present at the time.

The information minister said, “In fact, those who are issuing fatwas against sculpture today, this communal fundamentalist evil force is lurking in the country, trying to lift the hood from time to time. In no way can they be allowed to lift the hood. Remember, Bangladesh has been created by defeating this evil force.”

“These radical evil forces, who want to take the country to the Middle Ages, could not have tried to lift the hood if they had not been politically patronized,” he said.

There will be no place for fundamentalist evil forces in independent Bangladesh, said Hasan Mahmud.

‘BNP doesn’t want Rohingyas to be well’

Asked about the BNP calling the relocation of the Rohingyas a ‘suicidal move’, the Information Minister said, “People all over the country and Rohingyas have welcomed the relocation. The Rohingya who went there said they were very happy and wanted to stay until they returned to the country. Now it seems in this statement of BNP, they do not want the Rohingyas to be well. Because the facilities in Bhasanchar are much better than in Europe where the refugees are kept.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh