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Food Safety Day: Checking trans-fat intake demanded

The National Food Safety Day will be observed in the country on Wednesday with the theme “Principle of good health is safe food and hygiene”.

On the occasion of day, advocacy organisation ‘PROGGA’ demanded effective implementation of the recently published regulation to control trans-fatty acid (TFA) or trans-fat intake in order to reduce the risks of heart disease.

Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) has published ‘Controlling Trans-Fatty Acid in Foodstuffs Regulation 2021,’ setting the maximum level of trans-fat to 2pc of the total fat in all fats, oils and foodstuffs.

The trans-fatty acid (TFA) or trans-fat is a toxic food element that causes increased risks of heart diseases, hypertension, and other non-communicable diseases, said a release on Tuesday.

The prime source of trans-fat in food is Partially Hydrogenated Oil or PHO, which is better known as dalda or bonospoti ghee.

Generally, PHO or dalda is used in preparing baked foods, processed foods, and fried snacks, as well as in food preparation by restaurants and street food vendors.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Bangladesh ranks among the 15 countries with the highest burden of deaths from trans-fat induced heart diseases. Some 4.41pc of cardiovascular deaths in the country are attributed to consumption of trans-fat.

“We want trans-fat free safe food for everyone. Trans-fat control regulation needs to be implemented as soon as possible for the sake of public health,” said PROGGA Executive Director ABM Zubair.

Source: United News of Bangladesh