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Fighting plastic pollution: EcoVia working to transform RMG waste

EcoVia, a biodegradable plastic manufacturing startup, is working to combat plastic pollution by offering environmentally friendly alternatives.

The organisation uses plant-based waste, such as apparel and paper waste, to make bioplastics.

Plastic is responsible for polluting water bodies and soil, and for disrupting the ecological balance. The main reason behind this destruction is the non-biodegradable nature of plastic.

One plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose if left on the earth or ocean. However, biodegradable products take much less time to decompose and do not harm the ecological balance.

Moreover, with each kilogram of plastic produced, 6 kg carbon is released into the environment, leading to an increase in global warming.

So, a group of three came together in 2019 to launch EcoVia to fight plastic pollution. They developed new products but were not satisfied with what they achieved.

Finally, the group came up with the idea of making cellulosic bioplastic from cotton-based garments wastage. However, they did not have any capital to establish the company.

The group invested their money from part-time work, pocket money, prize money from small-scale business competitions into their startup. They scoured the market to identify the feasibility and viability of the product.

The trio put in all their effort, time, and resources into this project. Finally, it bore fruit when they were able to prove that per kilogram of their bioplastic product would save around 5.5 kg of carbon footprint, as the product completely decomposes in a matter of 150 days.

Through their impactful idea, they achieved success in multiple business and entrepreneurial competitions. They were elected as one of the South Asian regional winners of Climate Launchpad as well as being selected as one of the winners of cohort 1 of BYLC Ventures.

These competitions gave them a decent runway to operate on but they are constantly striving towards improving their product and gaining funds to grow their company.

“The world is becoming more aware and cautious of climate change and plastic pollution. So, fortunately, the acceptance and demand for products like EcoVia are on the rise,” Rashik Hassan, co-founder of EcoVia, said.

“We are always trying to improve our existing product and also wish to introduce new product lines as well as ensure good revenue for our investors.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh