Fide Online Chess: Subrota of Bangladesh earns 3 points from 5 matches

Bangladeshi FIDE Master Subrota Biswas earned 3 points in Open (Under-19) Group after the 5th round of the FIDE Online World Cadet and Youth Rapid Chess Championships’2020, Under-10, 12, 14, 18 and 16 Open Girls Division of the Asian Continental Selection Games, held on online chess platform Tornelo on Saturday.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th round games were held on Saturday.

After the day’s 5th round games, Nusrat Jahan Alo in Girls Under-14 Group earned 2.5 points while Mortuza Mahthir Islam in Open U-16 Group, WFM Noshin Anjum in Girls Under-16 Group, Swarnavo Choudhury in Open Under-14 Group, Wadifa Ahmed in Girls U-12 Group and Sakline Mostafa Sajid in Open U-10 Group earned 2 points each.

Kazi Zarin Tasnim in Girls U-16 Group and Syed Ridwan in Open U-12 Group earned 1 point each.

In the 3rd round games, FM Subrota beat FM Bulgankhan Ganzorig of Mongolia; Mortuza drew with Khaled Waleed Abdullah of Yemen, Swarnavo lost to IM Bharath Subramaniyam of India, Sajid beat Adwa Fattah Achmad of Indonesia, Ridwan lost to Sreyas Payyappat of India.

In Girls Section, WFM Noshin beat Nour Saleh Jasim of UAE, Alo beat Amin-Erdene Bayanmunkh of Mongolia, Zarin lost to Assoum Nour of Lebanon and Wadifa lost to Feng Eunice of Hong Kong.

In the 4th Round games of Open Section, FM Subrota beat IM Sankalp Gupta of India, Mortuza beat Hamad Bader of UAE, Swarnavo beat Abdullah Mohammed Al Homaid of Qatar, Sajid beat Rashid Husain Alhammadi of UAE and Ridwan lost to Soud Jaber of UAE.

In the 4th round games of Girls Section, Zarin beat Aishath Himya Ibrahim Mujah of Maldives, Alo drew with WFM Munkhzul Davaakhuu of Mongolia, Wadifa beat Aizharyk Kaliza of Kazakistan and WFM Noshin lost to Cai Youyang of Hong Kong.

In the 5th round game, Wadifa beat Maryam Mishka Migdhaadh of Maldives, Mortuza drew with Bilal Hammad of Palestine, Ridwan got bye, FM Subrota lost to Gholami Orimi Mahdi of Iran, Swarnavo lost to Sun Jiajun of China, Sajid lost to Yeganegi Barad of Iran, WFM Noshin lost to WFM Altantuya Boldbaatar of Mongolia, Alo lost to Renganayaki V of India and Zarin lost to WCM Tharushi T H D Niklesha of Sri Lanka.

The 6th and 7th round games will be held on Sunday.

Source: United News of Bangladesh