Father seeks govt steps to “save son from KDS wrath”

A retired official of Chattogram Port seeks the Prime Minister’s intervention to save his son from what, he said, the “wrath of KDS Group”.

Moazzem Hossain Khan, a former Chattogram Port Harbour Master, came up with the plea at a press conference at Chattogram Press Club.

Moazzem Hossain alleged that the KDS Group filed 26 “false” cases against his son as he quit the company.

In a written statement, Moazzem said: “KDS Group has been harassing his son Munir Hossain Khan, the company’s former director, by sending him into jail and implicating him in 26 false cases since he quit the company and joined another.”

“Munir is a Bangladesh-born US citizen who joined the KDS Group in 2007 as its executive director quitting the job of Bank of America at the request of his school-friend and the company’s managing directors Selim Rahman,” said Moazzem.

As he played an important role in the progress of the company over the years, Munir was promoted from executive director to its paid director.

However, Moazzem said, his son quit the job of the KDS in 2018 as he was humiliated by one of the owners of the company.

Later, he said, Munir joined another company, Apollo Steel, as a consultant which gained huge success under his leadership, making the KDS Group owners angry.

Moazzem claimed that his son was given threats at different times so that he quits Apollo Steel.

As Munir did not leave the job, he said, KDS filed a case against his son on November 25, 2019 with Bayazid Bostami Police Station in Chittagong on ‘false charges’ of stealing a vehicle of the company.

Moazzem, a former Chattogram Port Harbour Master, said his son was arrested in the case and placed on remand thrice.

Later, he said, the company filed 25 more cases with different police stations in Dhaka and Chattogram against him on different ‘false charges’, including embezzlement of money through bills and payment vouchers, only to keep him in jail.

“Munir didn’t embezzle any money from KDS. My younger son and I have also been implicated in the cases though we don’t have any connection with the company. They did it with an aim to refrain us from trying to free my son from jail on bail,” he said.

“KDS activities have manifested that their cases are motivated and baseless. As they’ve huge money, they’re harassing us using the administration. So, we seek the Prime Minister’s intervention to save my son from the wrath of KDS,” Moazzem added.

Source: United News of Bangladesh