Fakhrul showers praises on Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Tuesday appreciated US leaders Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and said he has become their fan after hearing their victory speeches.

“Listen to Joe Biden’s speeches. I’ve become a fan of him and Kamala Harris after hearing their speeches. They delivered the speeches for the entire nation, not for any party or individual. This should be the spirit of democratic leaders.”

The BNP leader said, “A leader should talk like that. Even after so much of acrimony, he (Biden) said let’s forget and let’s not divide, but unify. We don’t see red states and blue states, only we see the United States. This is how we should build Bangladesh, its institutions and restore democracy instead of creating division in the name of Awami League and BNP.”

Joe Biden was elected president of the United States while Kamala Harris the first female vice president in the 2020 presidential election in the country.

The BNP secretary general said the US election has manifested that if the institutions are turned democratic and institutions are built, then no one can usurp power and stay in power by force.

Fakhrul said even there is no controversy over the role of the Election Commission and the election system in India. “An election is being held in Bihar now, but there’s no question about the role of Election Commission there. Because they’ve been able to establish that.”

He slammed the government for what he said revoking the non-party caretaker government system only to hang onto power.

Source: United News of Bangladesh