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EVMs to be dumped in Bay of Bengal: Gayeshwar

BNP senior leader Gayeshwar Chandra Roy on Saturday threatened that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) will be dumped in the Bay of Bengal before the next general election.

“Even animals and birds will get embarrassed to hear that a fair election is possible under the current government and the Election Commission,” he said.

Speaking at a discussion, the BNP leader said the government wants to set an example that a fair election can be held using EVMs under it through the Narayanganj city polls. “People don’t believe it at all. The EVMs will be thrown into the Bay of Bengal before the next election.”

Zia Nagorik Forum arranged the programme at the Jatiya Press Club, marking its 27th founding anniversary.

Gayeshwar, a BNP standing committee member, said their party has been on a movement to ensure people’s voting rights. “We want people to go to polling stations and cast their votes freely and willingly at day time.”

He said there is an honour in accepting a loss in a fair and credible election. “But there’s no honour in winning polls by stealing votes. Those who’re now in parliament are openly called by people as vote thieves. What could be a greater humiliation than this?”

The BNP leader urged the government to take a step towards holding a credible election to stay in peace in the days to come. “Arrange an election under a neutral government by resigning voluntarily and dissolving parliament. If you do it, then you may get a little bit of sympathy from people.”

Gayeshwar alleged that the government has been using the Coronavirus as a political shield getting scared of the mass wave created in favour of BNP.

“The government has cooled down the situation by imposing coronavirus restrictions…even in an extreme cold, people die. It’s also a matter of consideration whether the government collapses in a very cool situation,” he said.

Source: United News of Bangladesh