Ecobee Smart Camera Review

Ecobee has had a healthy reputation over the years with their smart technology such as Smart Sensor, Smart Thermostat and Contact Sensor models. Intuitive tech for the household is Ecobee’s strong suit and with their latest smart camera, Ecobee has begun venturing into new territory. Still in home security, let’s breakdown the quality of Ecobee’s Smart Camera and how it fares against the rest of its technology.

The device is a 1080p home security camera that has the ability to capture video at 300FPS on with a 180 degree periphery. The device stands at 5.4 inches and is 2.2 inches wide and encompasses a white exterior with a black faceplate. Not the flashiest look aesthetically when cameras are concerned, but it can be wall mounted and placed on any flat surface. The camera feature comes with infrared LEDs to detect movement in the dark, dual-band Wi-fi and even a siren to keep you on your toes when you’re not at home.

The “smart” part of this camera comes in two forms: the first being Haven – a surveillance option that is connected to all Ecobee devices. The caveat is that it does require a monthly subscription fee, but the user gets a ton of benefits from it. From your phone, you can monitor all motion that your devices pick up on and the video (up to 14 days) will immediately be stored in a cloud for your discretion. On top of that, you can remotely activate or deactivate all Ecobee equipment and have live footage when you are out and about.

If you’re not that fussed about these perks, the individual benefits that the app alone can give you include images instead that get uploaded onto the cloud instead of video; literally doing what an ordinary camera is meant to do. Granted, users will still get notifications via the app if any activity occurs within the home, but knowing that there is a better version available barred behind a wall of monthly transactions can be a huge bummer – considering the camera retails at USD179.

The second perk that lives up to its namesake is its built-in Alexa feature. With this, your voice would be recognised and will do as you command within the ability of the camera. A neat little plus point is that it is equally compatible with Apple HomeKit. The camera’s two-way talk feature allows for communication between the person at home and you – although the device is still a camera and does not break records with its speaker quality. If you are looking for prolonged conversations, you’d be better off using your phone.

Home security cameras are on the rise in popularity and it isn’t only a matter of safety. Being gone from your child/children or even your pets may cause distress at times and keeping tabs on them while you’re out could be important to them. An increasing number of security systems have been on the market and many are incorporating “smart” software that allow the user to sync up to their phone, but the array of services Ecobee’s Smart Camera provides, coupled with Haven sets the standard for an all encompassing home security package.

Having video playback, speakers, two-way communication and Alexa built into one small camera is an impressive feat that puts other competitors to shame, but if Haven isn’t on your priority list, this camera falls into the saturated security crowd of being simply whelming. If you’re looking for a versatile and well-rounded package to start surveillance at home, this is a great device to start with – just don’t expect too much from its non-camera focused features.

Source: United News of Bangladesh