DMP arrests a minor con artist for blackmail and extortion

Detective Branch of DMP’s Gulshan team arrested a minor on allegations on posing as an Indian bomber and blackmailing a businessman in an effort to extort TK 20 lakh from him.

Police refrained from disclosing the name of the arrestee, as he is a minor.

Additional Commissioner of police (DB) AKM Hafiz Aktar in a press briefing on Thursday said they arrested the blackmailer from Louhajang of Munshiganj.

On 11 January, 2021 the arrestee called the businessman pretending to be an Indian, asking for TK 20 lakh and saying otherwise his whole family will be bombed.

Next day finding a bomb like element planted in his car the businessman informed police and DMP’s CTTC bomb disposal later recovered an inactive bomb from the scene. Later DB police started investigating the incident and discovered the main culprit of the blackmailing case filed at Badda police station.

Additional Commissioner of police informed the minor arrestee was the son of the caretaker of a businessman’s home at his village. The arrestee got apt at speaking Hindi by watching movies and planned the blackmailing to get rich.

Source: United News of Bangladesh