Dhaka Theatre’s new play opens with metaphoric presentation on ‘virus’

After suspension of all activities in the last six months due to Corononvirus pandemic, the theatre scene is bringing back the festivity again with a brand new play titled Ekti Loukik othoba Oloukik Steamer by renowned theatre troupe Dhaka Theatre.

It was inaugurated on Friday evening at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy’s National Theatre Hall and earned massive applause from the audience.

Directed by noted stage, television and film actor Shahiduzzaman Selim, the play is written by playwright Anan Zaman, Associate professor of Drama and Dramatics at Jahangirnagar University. Ministry of Cultural Affairs is associating the play as its patron.

Featuring eminent actors from the theatre arena of the country, the play has several respected and talented individuals behind the scene including Rosey Siddique as the costume designer, Snata Shahrin as the choreographer, eminent actor-director Afzal Hossain as the overall design in-charge, popular musician Rahul Anand as the music director and Saifuddin Ahmed Dulal as the chief-coordinator.

Ekti Loukik othoba Oloukik Steamer narrates the story of a group of people waiting for a steamer to escape from the ugly reality, which caused themselves being infected with an unknown virus. The reality is they are polluted with their criminal activities, corruptions in several sectors in the societal system, injustice-inequity and more.

Gradually they start confessing to their crimes while waiting for the steamer that can rescue them; however, the question remains on if there is any actual steamer or it is just their illusion as to their escaping route from their deadly reality.

After the staging of the play, director Selim welcomed the distinguished guests of the inaugural show on stage including state minister for cultural affairs KM Khalid, renowned actor-theatre activist and former state minister of cultural affairs Asaduzzaman Noor and Liberation War Museum trustee Dr Sarwar Ali.

“The pandemic brought an exceptionally unimaginable situation for the cultural arena all around the world as the whole process involves enjoying the festivity with a great gathering of people, something that unfortunately welcomes and accelerates the contamination risks of the coronavirus in this ongoing global pandemic situation. However, the cultural arena is rising again by adopting the new normals and helping people to get over these hard times, and I really admire the effort behind this wonderful presentation, something our ministry is proudly associated with”, KM Khalid said after the play ended.

Former state minister and respected thespian Asaduzzaman Noor applauded the performers, saying, “We, the cultural workers have always performed our responsibilities towards the society whenever there has been any crisis. Currently, we are going through such a situation and I am proud that the performers have stepped up again with such a wonderful presentation like this”.

Noor and other special guests also wished eminent cultural personality and Dhaka Theatre team leader Nasir Uddin Yousuff his speedy recovery, who could not join the event due to his illness.

As part of the two-day inaugural festivity, the play will be staged again at 7 pm on Saturday at the same venue. Audiences can visit Dhaka Theatre’s Facebook page for additional information on tickets.

Source: United News of Bangladesh