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Development without good governance ‘pointless’: JaPa

Jatiya Party Secretary General Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu on Friday said development without good governance and justice is ‘pointless’.

“Rape and violence against women and children don’t match with the development. It’s not possible to eradicate rape menace from the country without ending the culture of impunity,” he told a discussion.

Bablu said, “Without good governance, development activities become useless. Similarly, development becomes meaningless if a nation can’t get out of the culture of impunity.”

He said now people have taken to the streets demanding the protection of women’s dignity. “Nothing could be more shameful than this. People want to get rid of rape menace and violence against women.”

Jatiya Party arranged the programme at its chairman’s Banani office, marking the ‘Upazila Day’.

Bablu said only Jatiya Party, not Awami League and BNP, can eliminate the rape the menace, violence against women and other unfair acts from the country. “That’s why a government, led by Jatiya Party, now needs to free people from all misdeeds.”

He said people want good governance and the rule of law along with development. “Pallibandhu Hussain Muhammad Ershad had been able to ensure good governance with development.”

The Jatiya Party leader said the existence of BNP which indulged in grabbing, tender manipulation and destroyed the Upazila system introduced by HM Ershad is now at stake. “BNP must stand at the dock of history for the crime it had committed by abolishing the upazila system.”

He said the present Awami League government has made too much of visible development staying in power for a long time. “But it has completely failed to ensure peace, comfort and security of people.”

Bablu said both BNP and Awami League have failed to ensure the security of public life and protect the dignity of women and children. “That’s why people are now looking up at Jatiya Party for security, peace, comfort, development and good governance.”

He said their late party founder HM Ershad introduced the Upazila system to take the benefits of development to the doorsteps of people.

The Jatiya Party leader urged the government to restore and implement the Upazila system.