Dep Fryer price in Bangladesh with Buying Tips

If you have a craving for super crispy fried chicken or even perfect french fries at home, a deep fryer can be the ideal appliance you need. Moreover, it can be a great help for you during Ramadan as our Iftar is not complete without fried items. A deep fryer can reduce your frying time.

Besides, it can monitor and maintain the temperature and automatically shuts off if the oil gets overheated. This small piece of kitchen item will surely reduce the frying workload. Let’s check out the deep fryer buying guide with some recommended deep fryers.

Deep Fryer Buying Tips

Deep fryers come in different sizes, prices, and operations. Therefore, you should need to know these along with other things. Without further ado, let’s see the things you should consider.

Know your budget

The price range varies according to the size, capacity, and load. However, set your budget first as you can get a deep fryer starting from 2300 taka for home uses.

Know the efficiency

Usually, the energy-efficient deep fryers are beneficial for the long run, as it consumes less energy. Hence, it will not rip your pocket. Try to know the detailed energy efficiency of your intended deep fryer.


It highly depends on the number of family members you have or the amount of production you need. If you have a big family or need bulk production, you need to know the amount it can serve in one go. On the other hand, for a small family, a smaller size will work fine.

Since you will work with boiled oil and an unconscious move can really cause an accident. It will be best to choose a fryer with ultimate safety features such as automatic turn-off features if it reaches a specific temperature.

Type of uses

It is necessary to know what you are going to cook. Different items need different buyers, such as patties or french fries need one type of fryer, while chicken or other heavy-loaded item need another type of buyer.

Use and cleaning process

Using a deep fryer should be easy and straightforward. Therefore, you will need to look for a fryer that is easy to use and easy to clean.

Heat up time

You will be using a fryer to reduce your cooking time mainly. So, the fryer should not take much time to heat up, and you should look at the time while buying.

Top Deep Fryer to Buy in Bangladesh

Finding the right deep fryer can be critical, especially if you are in a hurry just before Ramadan. That is why we did complete research to pick the correct fryer for you.

QUIGG Mini Deep Fryer and French Fryer

This is a cute 1.5 liters deep fryer with a Thermos-insulating handle. QUIGG mini deep fryer is best for a small family. Some of the top-notch features are light for operation indicator, overheating protection, and non-stick coated tank. However, the price may vary on different websites, but the regular price is around 2300 to 2400 taka. If you are buying from a store, you can bargain the price.

Tempura Deep Fryer with a Thermometer and a lid

It works on gas and does not need any external power sources. This 8-inch fryer is made with stainless steel, which makes it easy to cook with a thermometer. If you are more into manual stuff, you will love it as it is easy to clean. Price may vary from 2500 to 2600 taka.

Wngreat Electric Deep Fryer 6 Ltr.

This deep fryer from Wngreat can work on 220V, but it may consume 2500W. But the power consumption is normal when you think about the size of 6 Liter. You can adjust the temperature from 60°C to 200°C. It is a great size for big families. Wngreat 6-liter deep fryer is priced at 4500 taka, which may vary up to 5800 taka.

Deep Fryer (Sokany WJ 800)

It is a non-brand deep fryer, but you can use it for various purposes such as french fries, chicken fries, nuggets, wedges, and many more. The 3-liter size is very convenient and equipped with 700 watts that help heating up quickly. Besides, the adjustable temperature gives you the opportunity to fry a variety of foods at different temperatures. Sokany WJ 800 costs around 5000 taka.

Miyako Electric Deep Fryer (4LTR)

Miyako is a well-known brand for kitchen appliances. It can run on 220-240V and consume 1800watts approximately. The power-on safety along with the cooling zone provides the ultimate safety. The 4-liter capacity comes with a 190-temperature setting and 30 min timer. Almost all the equipment of this specific fryer is stainless steel. It will cost around 5500 to 6000 taka.

Miyako DF-5416 Deep Fryer

It is a bit of a high-end deep fryer, which is good enough for a big family. This 5-liter fryer comes with two basket options, so you can put it in two different baskets if you need to fry more foods at a time. You can use this for domestic as well as commercial purposes. The 1800-watt power can boost its heating time. The price range for Miyako DF-5416 is 6000 to 7500.

220V 6L-2500W/12L-5000W Timer Electric Fryer Deep Fryer

This is a non-brand but robust deep fryer that comes in two different sizes, 6 liters, and 12 liters. This heavy-duty fryer comes with a wide range of features. It offers two different chambers to put oil as well as the frying option. However, both chambers can be controlled separately. Therefore, you can use one if you have less load of the task to do. Price may vary from 10,000 to 16,000 taka, depending on the size.

TEF11L Deep Fryer – Silver and Black

It is imported by International Homeware (IHW) which is priced at 28,000 to 29,000 taka. However, TEF11L comes with an adjustable thermostat with a safety light and indicator. The chrome-plated basket provides overheating protection on the stainless-steel body. Further, the detachable tank provides easy cleaning features.

Final Words

Whether you use a deep fryer regularly or occasionally, you should buy a top one that will last longer and provide you satisfactory service. So, you may choose any of the fryers from the above list. However, you can also do your research using the buying tips we have provided at the beginning of this article.

Source: United News of Bangladesh