Daraz launches online ‘Qurbanir Haat’ ahead of Eid

Online marketplace Daraz has started “Qurbanir Haat” ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.

Qurbanir Haat will allow customers to buy sacrificial animals through the Daraz app by looking at photos, videos, and details, including the weight, age, breed, and colour.

Daraz’s online Qurbanir Haat comprises 1,000 animals – 700 cows and 300 goats – ranging from Tk55,000 to Tk8,00,000.

The haat will continue till July 16. It is offering up to Tk6,500 discount on the sale of cows and Tk2,500 on goats accompanied by free shipping services and no hasil (tax on the sale of sacrificial animals).

Also, there will be additional benefits for the buyers, such as prepayment options.

Source: United News of Bangladesh