Daniel Seidl describes an upbeat account of Bangladesh in his book

Daniel Seidl, a German citizen, has described the development and achievements of Bangladesh in an engaging and upbeat account in his book, marking the 50 years of Bangladesh.

The book, formally launched by Daniel Seidl at a ceremony at Economic Reporter Forum (ERF) in the capital on Saturday, is considered as the first-ever such work by a foreign national on Bangladesh.

Having been associated with Bangladesh for long 25 years, the author not only gives a general overview of facts but also addresses future-relevant issues.

Seidl describes the development and transformation of Bangladesh that had to fight hard for its liberation, emerging from the struggle for independent and transformation to become a global manufacturing hub with exceptional economic growth.

Daniel Seidl describes an upbeat account of Bangladesh in his book

The book has included 50 contents to honour the 50 years of independent Bangladesh covering different issues and stories on Bangladesh’s transformation as a country to become a manufacturing hub.

“Bangladesh is portrayed as a poor country with natural disasters and bad working conditions. But in the book, we’ve gathered a list of 50 facts and personal stories to present the success story of Bangladesh,” Seidl told UNB.

Former executive director of Bangladesh German Chamber of Commerce and former anchor for CNN German’s business news, the author says he knows Bangladesh better than almost any European, and Europe better than any Bangladeshi.

The cover page of the book is illustrated with the combination of tiger eye and human hands hinting that the economy of this country emerging as the tiger eye.

Daniel Seidl describes an upbeat account of Bangladesh in his book

The Minister of Commerce, Bangladesh awarded Daniel with “Brand Ambassador of Bangladesh”.

Daniel Seidl said he had a plan of organizing anniversary concert for Bangladesh in New York, London and Berlin to mark 50th state anniversary, but the events had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic.

AFP’s Dhaka Bureau chief Shaiqul Alam and photojournalist Abir Abdullah also spoke on the occasion.

Abir Abdullah was featured in the book BLINK, showcasing 100 photographers worldwide.

Source: United News of Bangladesh